A story that many people have been interested in, including John McCain and the Senate Armed Services Committee, has been the DIA/DWO's Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Applications Program (AAWSA or AAWSAP) and the thirty-eight Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs) they produced. For those not familiar with this subject, and even those who are, I recommend reading these blogs for a history of the DIRDs:
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Keep in mind that while John McCain and the Senate Armed Services Committee supposedly had received "all products produced" under the AATIP/AAWSAP contract when they were sent the DIRDs, this is arguably not the case. The DIRDs were the tip of the iceberg. We know this because of comments from Harry Reid, Lue Elizondo, George Knapp and others when they speak of reports and databases:
Harry Reid: "Read the reports. Read the reports. We have hundreds. Eric; two, three weeks ago, maybe a month now, up in Montana, they had another strange deal at a missile base up there. It goes on all the time."
Lue Elizondo's presentation slide stated:
"AATIP commissioned large volumes of related research data, academic studies, and collected data from the field."
During an interview with Dr. Eric Davis, George Knapp said this about the Pentagon UFO study:
George Knapp: "...The database that was put together for this study is... from what's described to me, gigantic and includes databases collected by other governments and other militaries."
(For more, read the blog UFO Databases.)

Last May, 2019, journalist George Knapp wrote an article titled, "UNLV collaborating in the race to send a person to Mars." That article mentioned a Dr. Culbreth whose "name was in the news a few months ago because of a paper written about hypersonic objects in space, part of a secret Pentagon research project."

Now on 7-31-19, George Knapp published an interview with UNLV engineering professor, Dr. Bill Culbreth. Dr. Culbreth wrote the highly sought after DIRD, Detection and High Resolution Tracking of Vehicles at Hypersonic Velocities which is now for the first time available to the public!
"I-Team: How to track hypersonic objects? UNLV professor advised the Pentagon"
"Detection and High Resolution Tracking of Vehicles at Hypersonic Velocities"
Some of the research contained in the DIRDs has also been released by the authors in scientific literature. Various versions of a select number of DIRDs can be found elsewhere but without confirmation we don't know which papers are the legitimate DIA versions. While it doesn't have the DIA/AAWSAP cover page we are used to seeing, Silva Record was able to confirm this paper is the official DIRD in its entirety. It was submitted by BAASS to AAWSAP as part of the contract signed with the DIA.

This is now the 5th official DIRD to be released. I can only hope more are on the way. George Knapp has done the most to get these documents into the public's hands since he has released the bulk of them. I have managed to contact a highly placed individual who is trying to get them released, as well. Additionally, I've spoken with a few DIRD authors directly. Various obstacles are hindering the efforts. One complication is the papers are proprietary and in some cases the authors themselves must agree to their release. An added barrier being some of the information contained in specific DIRDs is highly sensitive.

A question surrounding the papers are whether they were written about UFOs/UAP and related phenomena directly or applied to UFOs/UAP and related phenomena after the fact. I'd guess the answer to the question is probably both, depending on the paper. Unfortunately, some of the DIRD authors may shy away from speaking about the UFO subject publicly which leaves us wondering and even in the dark about their true motivations when researching and writing the papers. Drs Hal Puthoff and Eric Davis on the other hand pull no punches about their interest and involvement in the subject. Another DIRD author, Dr. Kit Green, has been historically associated with the UFO field.

Despite having a full list of the document titles available, with every complete official DIRD that is released we are chipping away at what exactly these thirty-eight papers contained and shedding light on the greater story of what these secretive programs truly consisted of.