The largest number of record low temperatures came in the Magadan region.

On July 24 in Susuman was -4.1°C, the previous record of -3.5°C was observed in 1973.

In Seimtchane was -2.9°C, which is lower than the previous record by 0.5 degrees set 28 years ago.

In Brokhovo, the new absolute low for July 24 is +4°C, which is lower than the previous record by 0.6 for 1973.

In Talon -1.4°C, the former absolute low of -0.6°C was observed in the 1973.

In Yakutia. July 24 in Tompo was -0.3 °C. The previous record low of 0.3 degrees was in 1977.

In Zyryanka, the thermometer fell to +2.7°C, lower than the previous record by 0.7 degrees in 1956.

On the eve of the Magadan region and to the east, northeast of Yakutia, there was an inflow of arctic air, and intensive cooling occurred.

The average daily temperature was 4-6 degrees lower than multi-year values, and in some places by 8 degrees.

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