Screen grab from a video of a tornado near Rockg
© Jared Mysko/YouTube
Screen grab from a video of a tornado near Rockglen on July 12, 2019
Environment Canada confirms three tornadoes touched down during a stormy afternoon across southern Saskatchewan on Friday.

The first was a waterspout tornado over Old Wives Lake near Moose Jaw around 1 p.m.

"Sometimes you can get a special type of tornado that forms over water but in this case, I think it was probably just a tornado that just happened to go over the water," meteorologist Dan Fulton said Saturday morning.

Two more tornadoes touched down near Rockglen. One was northwest of town near 4 p.m. for an unknown length of time, the other was south of the community around 4:30 p.m., lasting for about five minutes.

No damage was reported from any of the twisters, which measured EF0 on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

Environment Canada recorded strong winds about 50 kilometres southeast of Weyburn on Friday.

The wind lifted heavy furniture into the air at Mainprize Regional Park, landing 100 feet away and snapped large poplar trees in the area, according to the national weather agency..

Coronach reported wind gusts up to 96 km/hr.

Fulton said to expect more unsettled weather throughout the weekend including the risk of thunderstorms which could become severe as temperatures approach 30 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.