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The 'Green Revolution' marked a turning point in the progress of our civilization. While it was, and still is, hailed as a triumph of technology, utilizing chemistry to revive over-farmed soils and increase crop yields worldwide, it took us down a path that has lead us to where we are now. There are 34,000 pesticides currently registered for use in the US by the EPA and modern agriculture has become completely reliant on their use.

This increasing reliance on technology, and the movement away from nature, has cost us dearly. Our soils have been poisoned, our air is toxic and the entire planetary ecosystem suffers from mass death and destruction, while our foods become increasingly depleted of nutrition. It's an entirely unsustainable practice, yet with the introduction of GMOs, there is no sign of it letting up. We're on a runaway train that is heading for an inevitable crash.

But not all hope is lost. Recent movements towards sustainable and regenerative agriculture, that work within the rhythms of nature to benefit both the environment and ourselves, are gaining momentum. Many groups are achieving impressive results with farming methods that build rather than destroy.

Will the Big Ag monocroppers continue their path of destruction toward inevitable planetary collapse, or will the growing movement be able to convince the world we need to change? Join us on this episode of Objective:Health for a lively discussion on the future of agriculture and our planet.

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