Freak Australia tornado
Aftermath: Shocking photos reveal the devastation left behind after a cold-season tornado - also known as a 'coldie - that ripped through a home near Bendigo, Victoria on Saturday
Shocking new photos have revealed the devastating aftermath of a cold-season tornado that ripped through a Victoria town on Saturday.

The Bureau of Meteorology confirmed the damage was brought on by a winter tornado, also known as a 'coldie', caused by cold fronts coming from the Southern Ocean.

The windstorms differ from normal tornadoes because they are less intense, usually move at 50 to 80kmh and only last ten to 30 minutes.

Saturday's coldie measured at least EF2 intensity on the Enhance Fujita scale - meaning it caused 'considerable damage' and saw wind gusts in excess of 200km/h.

The storm tore through Axe Creek residents Wayne and Rachel Eve's property, leaving behind only a pile of debris where their home once stood.

'A house was flattened, big trees were snapped in half and debris flung in multiple directions. We're glad everyone is safe,' the Bureau of Meteorology said in a statement on Tuesday.

While Australia usually experiences around 30 to 50 tornadoes per year in remote areas, the BoM said it was 'unusual' to see such a strong tornado hit at this time of year.

Mr Eve told 9News he had been at his home with his dog when his joy at the much-needed rainfall took a sudden turn.

He watched as the devastating storm cell moved closer before he was hit in the head by a brick and knocked unconscious.

When he awoke he saw his house was completely destroyed, but he - and his dog - were otherwise unharmed.

'It just sounded like four jet engines just starting up, mate. It's just like something I've never heard before, (I'll) never forget the sound,' he said to 9News.

A neighbour said the destruction left behind was 'like a war zone' and they were amazed that Mr Eve was alive.

The winds were so savage his double-brick home was torn apart and sticks of wood were left embedded in the ground hundreds of metres away.

Mr Eve, his wife Rachel and their one-year-old son are now face rebuilding their home, which was insured.

The family sifted through the rubble and managed to find Mr Eve's wedding ring, but sadly their cat is still unaccounted for.

A GoFundMe was set up by Mrs Eve's brother and his wife to help them rebuild their lives. They raised nearly $10,000 in less than two hours.

'(We) have been devastated by the loss of their home and all their belongings in a freak tornado near Bendigo yesterday. Any donations would be greatly appreciated to help rebuild their life and home,' the description read.

Mrs Eve posted the fundraiser to her Facebook account and thanks those who donated - but she still managed to see humour in the situation.

'Hiya guys... it's been a (literal) whirlwind,' she said.

'Thank you so much for your messages of love and support, and offers to help and provide... we are completely overwhelmed with your love and generosity, and will eventually get back to answering all your calls & messages.

'It's really difficult to know how this is all going to pan out and how you can help.

'My bro & sis in law have now set up a Go Fund Me campaign so if this sounds like something you'd like to use in order to offer us your support, we would be truly grateful. Thank you.'