A heavy rain and hail storm affected the municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque, around one o'clock this Sunday morning.

The accumulation of ice was unusual, in Tlaquepaque there were streets where it reached up to one meter in height, so emergency services used heavy machinery for the removal.

"We are doing hail removal work and also verifying the buildings that were affected by hail," said the head of the State Unit for Civil Protection and Firefighters of Jalisco, Víctor Hugo Roldán.

He added that efforts are coordinated to work with the different agencies of both municipalities, the most affected.

In some streets the accumulation of hail caused commercial trucks and private vehicles to be stranded, along with reports of fallen trees.

This morning, state and municipal civil protection personnel reported that they carry out street cleaning tasks and, at the same time, an evaluation of the damages.