greenland ice sheet
© Ashley Cooper/SpecialistStoc/Rex/Shutterstock
Summer is over, and Greenland's surface has gained 510 billion tons of ice over the past year - about 40% above normal.

The SMB (Surface Mass Balance) from Sept 2017 to Aug 2018 has been the highest in 20 years, thanks to exceptional snowfall last winter and the lowest melt rate for 17 years in summer 2018.

The Modern Maximum is over, welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum.

Greenland's surface has gained more than one trillion tons of ice over the past two years.

The usual fraudsters continue their hysterical lies - Greenland is melting away, the world is on fire, we're all choking on too much plant food - and my new favourite, "climate change will make insects hungrier."

But we know the truth.