Blue the cat
© Nancy OlsenBlue the cat that was found chopped in half.
People in a Sacramento neighborhood said they're finding cats sliced in half and decapitated.

This is happening in the Arden Arcade area and neighbors want to warn others about the problem.

Nancy Olsen lives on Laurelwood Way and said her beloved family cat was found on a nearby school's front lawn, cut in half. She's convinced this isn't a coyote or other wild animal based on how the animal was cut.

"It's really hard to wrap your head around seeing your animal chopped in half and we don't know where the other half of his body was," she said.

Olsen had been a mother to her cat named Blue for five years. Her son found Blue severed last Saturday while he was out walking.

"My son did take a picture. There are a couple neighbors down the block that are hunters. They both go 'Wow, this is like a machete,'" she said.

Olson is not the only one who has come across something like this. Her neighbor Julie Swiecicki said she spotted one cat about a month ago.

"I came across part of a head of a cat, you know the face, and it was on the road," Swiecicki said.

And that wasn't the first time.

'A couple months before that I saw a severed cat. Just the bottom half of the cat and it looks like it was just clean cut," Swiecicki said.

Both women are convinced this is not a coyote doing this.

"A coyote would just ravage the prey they wouldn't cut the body cleanly in half and leave part of it," Swiecicki said.

CBS13 was unable to get a hold of animal control authorities, but the women said they did report what they saw.

Olson said she just wants to know what happened to her cat.

"I try not to think about the last moments of his life and probably the terror that he felt," Olsen said.