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We seem to be confronted almost daily with stories about ordinary citizens being the victims of state overreach in enforcing what is deemed "the right medical treatment". When citizens want to pursue healing modalities that don't conform to the mainstream medical establishment's enforced treatment protocol, they can end up with a gun in their face or even having their children taken away.

Looking for alternatives to chemotherapy; using CBD to control seizures or pain, resisting the forced psych meds for children, dissenting against mandatory vaccinations - there are many examples of people trying to go their own way in healing, only to be confronted by the Medical Police State. Meanwhile, access to natural healing modalities, like kratom, IV vitamin C, raw milk or medical marijuana are strictly prohibited, with many people risking jail time in order to heal.

Are we living under a medical tyranny? Can anyone be said to be living in a free country when they don't have the power to choose their own healing protocols? Is trying a modality not recognized by the medical fascists grounds for removing one's children?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health for an in-depth discussion on medical fascism: Do we already live in a medical police state?

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