Circumhorizontal arc over AL
© Carly S Windsor via Twitter
This is the time of year that some neat things happen in the sky as clouds interact with sunlight! High thin cirrus, altocumulus and daytime heating-driven, puffy, white cumulus clouds made for a cool scene over DeKalb County Wednesday afternoon.

This is a 'fire rainbow' (or the scientific name: circumhorizontal arc - here's one from a year ago on

Some Wednesday afternoon clouds blossomed into some almost summer-like storms.

Some brief heavy rain, lightning and wind gusts to 40 MPH are possible through the evening.

It's not quite hot enough to talk heat index yet, but Huntsville International technically did report a heat index one degree hotter than the air temperature at 2 PM. It stays warm compared to the norms for early may through the end of the week; expect highs in the mid-80s Thursday and lower 80s on Friday.

Increasing humidity means an increasing chance of some showers and storms. It's a chance and not a guarantee right now for one main reason: no major storm systems nearby to really focus moisture and energy and convert it to widespread rain. So, from now through Saturday, you can expect to dodge a few downpours on a daily basis in which some of us get soaked and others wave to the showers as they pass to one side or the other.

Rain chances trending upward

The best chance of rain inside the next seven days comes Saturday; however, there will be some occasional, spotty, hit-or-miss, unevenly-distributed showers and thunderstorms on a daily basis Thursday and Friday. Saturday's coverage looks uneven, and that means even on our 'best' rain day you could still get missed by the heavier showers.