US winter storms
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Patrick Cain, of Manitowoc, Wisc. shovels out his entryway as snow blankets the area Feb. 12, 2019.

More than 100 million Americans are in the path of powerful winter storms Tuesday morning.
The massive winter storms are bringing snow, ice and rain from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest and into the Northeast. The snow-covered roads are causing problems for drivers from Tacoma, Washington, to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Chicago. The storm is responsible for at least one death.

More than 1,400 flights have already been cancelled Tuesday and travel conditions are causing headaches for drivers in 35 states. Up to two feet of snow is expected in some areas and the storm is already responsible for at least one death, reports CBS News' Don Dahler.

Heavy snow and ice created havoc on the roads Monday, leaving overturned cars littered on interstates across the Midwest. A car slammed into a parked police vehicle on the side of a highway in Waterloo, Iowa, and a private jet with three people on board slid off a runway in Richmond, Indiana after attempting to land.

In Philadelphia, a bus crashed into the side of a building overnight after hitting a patch of ice. One person on board was injured. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has declared a state of emergency. Nearly 1,400 salt and plow trucks are on the roads across New Jersey and New York.

In the Pacific Northwest, where this massive storm began, emergency vehicles were forced to push buses that became trapped after days of snowfall in Seattle. The city's homeless are struggling to stay warm when the shelters close.

"Kicking us out at seven o'clock in the morning is still going to be frozen over and treacherous," said Mike Chilsen.

Seattle has seen record amounts of snow with more than 20 inches falling in just the past 12 days. It's the snowiest February on record and more snow is on the way for the Northeast as the storm will continue through Wednesday afternoon.