zinkgat maasdijk
© Omroep WestSinkhole in Maasdijk.
Last Thursday, on January 24th, a 2-meter-wide sinkhole appeared in the Dutch city of Maasdijk. News reports say the cause was a leak in the water pipeline. Water supply to around a hundred households has been cut off as a result.

The water is being pumped out of the sinkhole to try to repair the leak. The sinkhole appeared at the intersection of Korte Kruisweg with Abel Tasmanstraat. A part of the road has been closed. Due to the sinkhole, a lot of sand has been pouring out on the street.

According to news reports, it's unknown what caused the leak. However, as explained in the book 'Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection':
Since none of the invoked causes can explain the sudden appearance of so many new sinkholes in so many different locations, we're left to consider that some new factor must underpin the sharp increase. It makes us wonder if the 'opening up' of the Earth is not this new factor."
It is likely that sinkholes are caused by the slowdown of the Earth's rotation as a result of an increase in electrically charged comet dust surrounding the planet, and the decrease in solar activity. This could lead to the Earth literally 'opening up'.

Another sinkhole

Earlier this month, another sinkhole appeared in the Netherlands. This time on the highway at the junction Zaandam in the direction of the Dutch city of Zaandam. The road was closed after a sinkhole was found next to the roadway.

sinkhole zaandam
© Inter Visual Studio/Lorenzo Derksen
Considering current Earth Changes, we should expect more sinkholes to appear in the Netherlands, and elsewhere, as this process accelerates.