handwritten koran baghdad library
© Middle East Eye/Tom Westcott
A hand-written and decorated Quran given to the library by the mother of Turkish Sultan Abdul Aziz
Today on the Truth Perspective we begin our foray into the wide, labyrinthine world of Western Islamic studies, probing the big question of Islamic origins, looking at both the conditions under which it originated and the relation between the violent jihadists today and the religion of the 7th to 9th centuries.

Basing our discussion on Peter Townsend's The Mecca Mystery: Probing the Black Hole at the Heart of Islam and Shiraz Maher's Salafi-Jihadism: The History of an Idea, we take a look at what the historical record really tells us about Muhammed, Mecca, and the principal power players around when Islam began, as well as what modern jihadists truly believe - based on their own theorists and their foundational writings. So if you were ever curious about Islam, join us today on the Truth Perspective for the beginning of a discussion into these complex and controversial topics.

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