winter storm
© Getty Images / Bjarne Andrén
A winter storm that buried the US Midwest in snow has resulted in at least five roadway deaths. Photos and videos posted to social media show the storm's chaotic aftermath.

The storm blanketed Kansas and Missouri on Friday, with heavy snowfall continuing into Saturday. It also hit parts of other states including Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

Areas around St. Louis, Missouri were affected the hardest, with Reuters reporting that a foot and a half of snow was recorded west of the city.

The massive storm took its toll on highways and roads, where at least five people were killed as a result of dangerous driving conditions.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol wrote in a tweet on Saturday that it has responded to 3,918 calls for service, 1,790 stranded motorists, 878 crashes, and 57 injuries.

Facing an insurmountable onslaught of snow, some commuters in the St. Louis area reportedly abandoned their vehicles - adding to the traffic mayhem resulting from the storm.

Drivers weren't the only ones negatively affected by the extreme weather conditions: Dozens of flights were cancelled at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, which described the snowstorm as one of the largest on record.

The storm is now moving east towards Washington DC and Baltimore. Car accidents resulting from icy, snow-covered roads were already being reported on Saturday evening.