Booms in SE Ohio
No source has been confirmed for loud, explosion-type noises reported in Brookfield.

While some people still suspect the boom sounds are connected to local injection wells, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources says it has found nothing to support that.

The Brookfield injection wells have been a subject of controversy since the permits were first granted. The latest complaints concern loud explosion-type noises. Gloria Douglas lives directly adjacent to the well site.

"Very distinct, it's something you've not heard here before and it's loud, very loud it's like an explosion, I call it an explosion boom," Douglas said.

Brookfield Trustee Dan Suttles says ODNR was contacted and checks were conducted on three seismic monitors at and around the well site.

"They did look at the monitoring devices and there was no seismic activity that occurred," according to Suttles.

A spokesman for ODNR says local authorities also did an on-site inspection and found no evidence of an explosion at the well site, and a police report said the booms may have been from firearms on a property near the well site.

But Suttles says residents did not accept that as a possible source. "They shake their heads and say it was much louder, it shook their houses in fact, the boom noise,".

No more recent booms have been reported, but Suttles says the township will continue to monitor the situation.

You can watch video coverage here.