minibus russia fire
© Ruptly
A tragedy has struck twice the city of Magnitogorsk in the Russian Urals. A minibus turned into inferno killing three people less than two days after a house collapsed killing nine with over 30 still missing,

The video shows a column of fire engulfing the vehicle.

A series of loud bangs can be heard throughout the footage of the incident provided by RT's Ruptly video agency. No official explanation has been provided for the noise, which sounds somewhat similar to gunfire. Witnesses in the video can be heard suggesting that the bangs come from firecrackers exploding inside the burning minibus.

"There were three people [all adults] in the vehicle. All three people were killed," the statement from the authorities said.

The tragedy was caused by the failure of two gas tanks, according to governor's office. The industrial city only started to recover from the disaster caused by the residential house blast that is also attributed to gas explosion.