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It's a milestone the Port City probably didn't want to reach.

But Saturday morning, Wilmington surpassed 100 inches of rain for 2018.

"As of 9 a.m., Wilmington, NC, has measured 100″ of rain for 2018!" the National Weather Service's Wilmington office posted on its Facebook page Saturday morning.

The city, which measures its official rainfall at the Wilmington International Airport, averages 57.6 inches of rain a year -- a mark that was surpassed in August even before Hurricane Florence slammed into Southeastern North Carolina.

The previous record of 83.65 inches of rain that stood for over 140 years was broken on September 16th during Florence.

"It's a milestone not many cities in our area reach," said Victoria Olivia, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wilmington. "It's staggering. And it's a record we hope stands for another 140 years."

This is the third time a Southeastern U.S. city has ever broached the 100-inch mark, according to a Weather Channel meteorologist. According to the Weather Channel's Mike Seidel, Tallahassee recorded 104.18 inches in 1964 and New Orleans reached 102.37 inches in 1991.

A week-long drenching in late July, Florence and the remnants of Hurricane Michael all boosted Wilmington's 2018 rainfall total, which stood at 97.9 inches late Friday afternoon.

A flood warning remains in effect for the Northeast Cape Fear River near Burgaw "until further notice."

As of 3 p.m., the rainfall in Wilmington had reached 100.11 inches.

"And we might see a couple of more rain events by the end of the year," Olivia said. Another is forecast to begin on Thursday, and the area could see rainy weather in the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Here are some soggy facts about the Port City's precipitation milestone:
  • Wilmington's average annual rainfall: 57.61 inches
  • Previous record annual rainfall: 83.65 inches in 1877
  • This year Wilmington has recorded the most number of days ever with daily rainfall greater than 1.50, 3.00, and 4.00 inches.
  • Total rainfall from just the 17 wettest days this year: 58.96 inches --more rain than in an entire typical year.
  • 96 inches is 8 feet -- the standard depth of the "deep end" of a backyard swimming pool.