A dump truck driver in Crimea should be thanking his lucky stars after he lost control of his truck on a hill, plowed into a water park, then landed sideways - and survived to tell the tale. The entire incident was caught on film.

The footage begins with the truck going far too fast down a hill in the Crimean resort city of Yalta. It narrowly misses a smaller vehicle before breaking through a fence, crashing into a hotel water park, and finally landing sideways.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, which was like a Hollywood crash scene.

It remains unknown whether the driver managed to escape the truck before it crashed, but the door to the truck's cabin can be seen open at one point as it makes its way down the hill.

The circumstances of the crash are being investigated, the press service of Crimea's Ministry of the Interior reported, adding that the amount of damage caused at the Yalta-Intourist hotel water park is also being assessed.

Located on the Black Sea on the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula, the resort town of Yalta is home to some 76,000 people and serves as the administrative center of Yalta Municipality. It is a popular summer tourist destination.