russians bus costume
© Screenshot / art tra / YouTube
The two-kilometer Zolotoy Bridge in Russia's Vladivostok is off limits for pedestrian crossings but a creative team of four people devised a daring plan to fool the system by posing as one big 'human bus.'

The tall bridge, arching over Zolotoy Rog Bay, was opened for traffic in 2012. Three years later, it was officially closed for pedestrians for safety reasons - the existing walkways were deemed too narrow under transport and anti-terrorism regulations. Before that, the bridge had also seen three suicides and one suicide attempt.

A video, filmed by an amused driver, shows how a four-person team came up with a blunt, yet unconventional solution to the 'no pedestrians on the bridge' challenge. They decided of pose as one big yellow bus, attempting to cross the bridge without 'technically' violating the rules.
russia bus costume
© Screenshot / art tra / YouTube
Their plan was foiled midway, however, as a security guard can be seen approaching and quickly apprehending the 'human bus' while it was casually making its way across the bridge. The 'bus' was stopped, and then the guard ordered it to turn around. It is not clear whether the people inside suffered any punishment for their actions. Their plot ultimately failed but they managed to win the hearts of some spectators.
Russia bus costume
© Screenshot / art tra / YouTube
"Why are they being chased away? It's beautiful, it's art! Why don't they understand it?" a sympathetic woman can be heard saying.
Zolotoy Bridge Vladivostok
© Vitaliy Ankov / Sputnik
The Zolotoy Bridge in Russia's Vladivostok
Many viewers online also found the incident amusing.

"I'd fine them! No stop signals, no turn signals. I bet they don't have a bus driver's license either," one user remarked on social media.

Another person suggested that the 'bus' should be towed back to an impoundment lot for its "absence of license plates."