meteor fireball near Reunion Island
© YouTube/look
Image of the September 25, 2018, 14h 10m UT fireball extracted from a Youtube video of the event.
A very bright meteor fireball was observed and filmed over Reunion island on September 25, 14h 10min UT reports the International Meteor Organization (IMO). It was recorded by NASA/CNEOS government sensors, and was the third most energetic meteoric event of 2018.

According to the NASA (National American Space Agency) CNEOS (Center for Near Earth Objects Studies) department, the meteor was detected by government sensors, and the calculated impact energy was close to 1.9 kT, which is the third most energetic meteor event since the beginning of the year. It occurred South of the two islands, over the Indian Ocean, leaving no chances of finding associated meteorites. Previous energetic events were recorded over Russia on June 21, and Greenland on July 25.

Just over a year ago a very bright meteor fireball exploded over Mauritius and Reunion Islands in the Indian Ocean on Thursday, September 14, 2017.

A video of the latest event was recorded from Reunion showing a very bright meteor fireball lighting up the sky.

CNEOS meteor fireballs
© NASA/CNEOS, Alan B. Chamberlin (JPL/Caltech)
Fireballs reported by US Government sensors, from 1988, April 15 until 2018 September 2018.