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Most Americans probably know Jared Kushner as Ivanka Trump's husband, and President Trump's right-hand man working on the Trump administration's Israel-Palestine 'deal of the century'. But how many remember his father, Charles? The elder Kushner is a real-estate developer, like Trump. But he's also a convicted felon who has done jail time for his corrupt 'business' practices, various financial crimes and mafia-like antics. He's also close friends with Benjamin Netanyahu, who once slept in Jared's bed when Jared was a teenager (don't worry, Jared slept in the basement).

Scratch below the surface of Kushner's past and you will uncover the corrupt world of New Jersey and New York politics, the Port Authority, organized crime, and a pay-to-play system that would make Hillary and Bill blush: bribery and blackmail, trysts and affairs, conspiracy and collusion, revolving-door nepotism, backstabbing and lobbying for the interests of a foreign state. As Ryan Dawson of Anti-Neocon Report puts it, "Crooks are using the state to enrich themselves and then using this wealth to further the interest of the Israeli regime and its grip over America money, media, and military power."

Today on the Truth Perspective we discuss Dawson's 2017 documentary God Is Not A Real Estate Agent: Trump's Zionist Ball & Chain, which goes into all these topics in depth.

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Articles Cited Here's the transcript of the show:

Corey: In October, 2009 two men were shot in front of a Los Angeles synagogue. What was initially thought to be a terrorist attack or a potential hate crime would, upon further investigation turn out to be an organized hit by Israeli mafia. Investigations would uncover a gang of Israelis operating extortion rings, engaging in the sale or drugs and in acts of terrorism. The task force in charge of the investigation would be shut down by the US State Department leading one of the investigators to state that the Israeli mob was being coordinated by a "spider who sat in Tel Aviv or Holom and spun his webs".

In 2016 Ryan Dawson published a short documentary entitled Trump's Zionist Ball and Chain. On today's Truth Perspective we will be discussing the evidence behind the allegations that Trump is connected to these Israeli Zionist mobsters. Today is July 14th and on the Truth Perspective joining me in the studio are Harrison Koehli,

Harrison: Hello.

Corey: And Elan Martin.

Elan: Hi everyone.

Corey: So we sat down and watched Trump's Zionist Ball and Chain and we have done a little bit of research in the interim to look into the different allegations that Trump and his various family members are connected to the Israeli mob. Did you guys have any thoughts about that? Where to start off on the show today?

Harrison: Well, I think one of the cool things about Dawson's little documentary, which we've got a link to in the show notes, is that he shows just how connected and intermingled are several facets of the American political establishment. He focuses primarily on the New York and New Jersey political scene with Goldman Sachs, the Port Authority, AIPAC and organized crime. It's very interesting just how all these groups are connected. If you take any two of those groups mentioned you'll find a revolving door type thing going on as well as in federal politics. It's a revolving door with Goldman Sachs. You've got people who are on the board of Goldman Sachs and then they get into politics or vice-versa, they get into Goldman Sachs from politics.

It's the same thing with the Port Authority. We get into a bit about what the Port Authority is and how it fits into everything going on. Maybe we can just get into that right now as our first little foray into this tangled web of corruption that is New Jersey and New York.

So what is the Port Authority? I didn't even know what the Port Authority is or what it does and I still didn't have a great idea of what it was after watching Dawson's little documentary because he just gets into it without giving a lot of the background information. Correct me if I'm wrong; the Port Authority is responsible for transportation and infrastructure in New York and New Jersey. Of course they have big interactions with real estate developers because they're the people that give the contracts and that run the whole show over there.

So what happens is there's a board for the Port Authority and the New Jersey and New York governors appoint the board members, appoint the chairman for the Port Authority. To understand how this works we need to know a little bit about New Jersey politics because apparently - not being an American, being Canadian I didn't know a whole lot about any of this - but apparently it was pretty much common knowledge that New Jersey is a really corrupt state and that it has been common knowledge, to the point where when McGreevey became governor in 2002 there were quotes in the papers about how you didn't just pay the politicians in New Jersey for access, now with McGreevey in charge it was direct. You paid them for results. It's pay-to-play.

So if you're a real estate developer or someone with an interest in getting something from the government, you make a large campaign donation to the politician and they do you a favour. They give you a contract or they put you on the board of, for example, the Port Authority and it is this pay-to-play relationship. Even before McGreevey it was like this. Based on a couple of references in Dawson's documentary it goes back probably 100 years. It's probably always been like that.

What happens is McGreevey, for instance, would appoint someone to be the chairman or to be a board member on the Port Authority in return for bribes, for cash, and then the Port Authority would then have the authority to dole out certain contacts and certain privileges for whoever wants to do real estate or infrastructure in the region. That is just a recipe for corruption and it is used for that purpose. It seems like the Port Authority's main job is to just be a corrupt entity and do political favours like that.

I talked about the revolving door with Goldman Sachs and politicians. There's also a revolving door with the Port Authority. You'd think that the people on the board of the Port Authority would be experts in, for instance transportation, but they tend not to go in that direction. For example, I think it was Chris Christie, his six appointments he made for the Port Authority were all investment bankers. So you see a lot of investment bankers and finance guys that get into the Port Authority because that's all it is. It's all money. There happen to be several people at any given time on the Port Authority board who are ex-members of AIPAC or who have advisors or aids who were ex-members of AIPAC and who have served on various of the Jewish charitable organizations, basically all part of what Grant Smith calls Big Israel which is the Israel lobby writ large, not just AIPAC but the entire collection of organizations like this because there are several and they're all part of a bigger group.

One of the things that Grant Smith points out about that is that - some people don't know this but it should be common knowledge - the Israel lobby doesn't have to register as a foreign agent. This happened back when RFK was attorney general I believe. It goes back that far and right after RFK was killed where there was a push for the Israel lobby to be labelled as a foreign agent and to have the level of transparency that any other foreign lobby has in the United States but they managed through various techniques to avoid that. So for the past 50 or 60 years they have avoided, for instance, any kind of public transparency about what their actions are in America, what they use their money for, etc.

So they've pretty much got a free rein. It is a foreign government that has free rein in their lobbying capabilities within the US and they happen to have their guys in the Port Authority and more than that of course like John Meiersheimer pointed out years ago. There was one quote in the document. Which guy was it? David Wildstein or another guy who got in a little bit of trouble because he was caught on tape saying that "Oh, I managed to get 3 billion in this, 10 billion in that, all kinds of military and foreign aid, all because these guys want the Jewish vote." So he managed to get billions of dollars in aid from US politicians because he was working for AIPAC. He was bragging to someone else about the billions of dollars that he managed to get and then he said that the lobby had people in every level of the Clinton campaign. He said, "We've got our guys there and we're going to get them into top leadership positions in the campaign". This wasn't Hillary Clinton's election campaign. This was beforehand when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

So he was basically bragging about the influence he had within the Clinton campaign and thus administration when she was secretary of state. The implication of that being that they had pull on American foreign policy. Of course that's been one of the biggest criticisms of the Israel lobby, their influence on US foreign policy. If you've ever wondered why a lot of foreign policy decisions don't really seem to make sense if you think about them in terms of American interests, "How does that benefit American national interests?", well it's because they don't. But they just so happen to benefit Israeli national interests which a lot of Americans say would be the same thing as American interests and of course I think probably the majority would say no because Israel isn't the United States but some people think so.

So that's just a little introduction. Was there anything in there that you want to go off on and expand?

Corey: Well I was thinking about the Port Authority and its job in infrastructure and transportation of goods. In the documentary Ryan Dawson talks about how for the mafia the first thing that you're going to want to do when you're setting up an illegal operation is get infrastructure.

Harrison: Not just mafia. The intelligence agencies.

Corey: Right. So when you're looking at the Port Authority and you see these Zionist connections, these connections to Israel and you're reading about all the corruption that takes place, I decided to look a little bit into the state of the Israeli mob. When I was looking I found out that Israel has become one of the world's leading exporters of investment scams leading to five to 10 billion dollars a year in theft and 20% of the revenue of Israel's high tech sector comes from shady or fraudulent industries. I also discovered that between 2008 and 2014 Israel's black market economy soared to more than one quarter of the country's GDP and these are just a number of different statistics detailing the off-the-books black market economy in Israel. When you look at the Port Authority I was just thinking if there's a large mafia element going on, then you're going to want to look at Israel itself too.

Elan: One of the big reasons that Dawson gets so deeply into the Port Authority and its functioning and who its players are and their affiliations to AIPAC and Goldman Sachs and other dealings is because Donald Trump, being a developer in New York City for several decades building Trump Tower, level Bonwit Teller to put up another building, buying up all sorts of hotels, building his casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Donald Trump is intimately connected to a lot of these people. He had to know these people. He had to have dealings with the Italian mob for various resources. He had to have contracts and agreements with the Port Authority to do a lot of what he's done.

Harrison: And the elephant in the room is that his son-in-law Jared Kushner who is married to Ivanka, his father Charles Kushner worked on the Port Authority. He was a board member of the Port Authority for a short time and deeply involved with all of the New Jersey politicians, the New York politician and the bankers, the real estate developers. Kushner was up there with he himself being a real estate developer. So we'll get into a little bit of that.

Corey: Well it's interesting because Charles Kushner was appointed to the Port Authority by McGreevey, a politician that he basically paid to get into office.

Harrison: Yeah, $1.5 million.

Corey: Due to so many scandals, he wasn't able to actually take a position on the board.

Harrison: He was actually on the board for several months at least but then McGreevey nominated him to be chairman of the board and that was when all these scandals came up and Kushner had to reject the offer and say "Oh no, I can't because I'm such a corrupt dude." He didn't say that, but that's really what it was. He had so many conflicts of interest that he couldn't conceivably be on the board while having all of these deals going through and being so involved in what he would essentially be in charge of.

Elan: So right there, there's a very big connection. Trump has effectively - I can't say he arranged the marriage between Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, but it's certainly a marriage of convenience to Trump's private business dealings in the sense that he's got this inside boy, the son of Charles Kushner who even though he's gone to prison - and we'll get into some of those details a little later I think - he's as connected as can be, Jared Kushner is in real estate. He owns a newspaper. He owns a magazine in New York. He owns the New York Observer. I think it's the Atlantic Magazine.

So Jared has aspirations to be a mini empire builder himself and certainly Trump has capitalized on this relationship that Kushner has with his daughter to bring him into the fold. We'll get into some of the implications of that later but it's important to know that Trump has been working within a system of white collar crime. He's been working with the worst elements of real estate and corruption for decades. He knows how the game is played. It's like you can't really do anything or do very much in the ambitious scale that Trump has wanted to do and has done, without getting into bed with a lot of these people.

One of them was infamous mob lawyer Roy Cohn who was consiglieri if you will, to the Genovese crime family. And Trump and Cohn were very good friends. Cohn incidentally was the subject of The Angels In America play which was very popular in the '90s here in the US and has a very interesting history himself.

Harrison: And he worked with Joe McCarthy.

Elan: And he worked with Joe McCarthy during the McCarthy hearings. So there are all kinds of sprawling details here which point to the fact that in order for Trump to be Trump, do what he's done before his Presidency and even now during his Presidency, do you think it's fair to say guys, a kind of deal with the devil to some degree?

Corey: I think so because he was playing in the game of New Jersey and New York politics where in order to become a real estate mogul, in order to become a big player, you have to pay people. You have to grease the wheels.

Harrison: You have to deal with the Port Authority...

Corey: You have to deal with the mobbed up groups.

Harrison: Yeah, which is totally corrupt. You have to deal with the mob. You have to deal with the politicians. I'll give you an example, a little story that Dawson makes in the movie. In 2002 or 2003 when there were calls for there to be a 911 investigation, there was a New Jersey senator, Torricelli who was outspoken in the need for an independent investigation. So he spoke out about the need for an independent investigation and he was very critical of the idea put forth by the Bush administration for this biased, partial, non-independent investigation. Immediately after that the New York Times and the New York Observer started smearing him basically, coming out with all these skeletons in his closet, all the shady deals he was involved with. The point Dawson makes is, "Yeah of course he was involved in all those things because he was a New Jersey politician. There aren't any New Jersey politicians that aren't involved in any of these sorts of things." The reason that they went after him is probably because he was supporting an independent 911 investigation.

So if you're in that scene at all, you're going to have skeletons in your closet because it's unavoidable if that's what you want to do. If you don't want to have any kind of shady associations then you're not going to get into the real estate business, for instance or politics. It comes with the territory.

Corey: You're especially not going to become a real estate mogul in Atlantic City. {laughter}

Harrison: Right.

Corey: So back to the subject of the Kushners since they were kind of ground zero for the documentary and the connections between Trump and his Zionist ball and chain. Jared Kushner became CEO of his family's company at the age of 25, a pretty ripe young age to take over a multi-million dollar real estate empire and whatever other businesses they had going on.

Harrison: Just before you continue, this was after going to Harvard and the reason he got into Harvard was because his dad made a $2.5 million donation to Harvard and coincidentally Jared and his brother both got in, in 1998 I think that's when money changed hands. Charles Kushner and his wife both got put on some Harvard board as well. The thing is, is that Jared Kushner didn't have the grades. He wasn't a good enough student to ordinarily be able to get into Harvard. So this led to this Daniel Golden writing a book book several years ago about this phenomenon, not just about Kushners but about the Ivy League schools in general and how it too is pay-to-play.

So that came up again during the Presidential campaign and Goldman (or whatever his name was) wrote a couple of articles reminding people about this phenomenon and of course with the whole thing going on with Harvard these days with their admissions policy and the investigations into them it adds another factor to why they are so secretive about their admissions policy. This is of course in the context of their reverse affirmative action tendencies. They don't like Asians. We'll just leave it there.

Corey: Leave it there. So Kushner became the CEO of his company at 25 after his father ended up going to prison for making false statements to the SEC, for witness tampering and for tax evasion stemming from $6 million bribes essentially that he was issuing to various politicians through his company and allegedly falsely through his family members. So he would give checks in the name of Jared Kushner, his son, to various politicians like McGreevey in order to expand his "empire" which he had inherited from his own father.

Harrison: And it wasn't just his family members. This is a thing that developers like this do whenever they have a new project. They create a new subsidiary company. So that new company will be created. It's got a new name, new papers and various partners listed. What Kushner would do was write checks, not just in his family's name but in the names of all his partners, whether family or not. So he'd make cumulatively huge political contributions because coming from these dozens and dozens of corporations and from people who weren't aware that they were giving donations. It was Charles' money. It was just being sent to politicians in their name and without their knowledge.

Elan: I would just add that some of the background of that Charles Kushner court case in particular involved a dispute that he had with his older brother Murray who he was in business with. Murray at one point felt that he was owed some money by the company and was investigating and there was a big falling out between him and Charles Kushner. So there's this big falling out and originally Charles Kushner's sister take the side of Charles Kushner in this dispute but then the husband of Charles Kushner's sister doesn't do well on the job.

Harrison: He was working for Charles.

Elan: He was working for Charles as well and Charles decides that he wants him out or demoted. So the sister of Charles Kushner gets very upset by this and then decides to take sides with the older brother Murray in this family dispute. So what does Charles Kushner do? He ends up paying for a high level escort to seduce and take the husband of his sister into a hotel, tape the sex and then Charles Kushner sends the tape of this to his sister! {laughter} It gives you a great insight into the character of the man that in the interests of money and power, would stoop so low as to do this sort of thing.

Corey: Just a couple of things. One thing was his brother had sued him for allegedly misusing family company's funds and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to high profile figures, especially Netanyahu because Charles is near the top of Mr. Netanyahu's list of wealthy Americans most likely to contribute to his campaign. But also, he hired a prostitute to honey trap is brother-in-law and hurt his sister and then afterwards when he was interviewed - I think it was either when he was getting out of prison or towards the end of his time in prison - he ways "I don't believe that God and my parents will ever forgive my brother and sister for instigating a criminal investigation {laughter} and being cheerleaders for the government and putting their brother in jail because of jealousy, hatred and spite."

Harrison: And it wasn't just his brother-in-law and his sister. He also got suspicious of an accountant, I think, that was working for his company. He was convinced that this guy was taking files out at night and giving them to Murray so he tried to do the same thing with this guy - hire a prostitute to sleep with him and get the videos that he could then use for blackmail. I'm pretty sure it was this one that didn't work out so well so he had middlemen that he tried to get the prostitutes originally and the two guys he got to find the prostitute I think were the O'Toole brothers. They were both cops. I think they were both New York City cops.

So he basically paid these two cops to find a prostitute but that didn't work out. Something fell through on that so he decided to do it on his own. So he found the prostitute, he gave her $38,000 or something like that but it sounds like she just took the money and ran. She didn't actually get the goods on this guy so he didn't have the materials to use. But the fact that he'd do it twice for the same thing! So once this came to light then of course there were more charges added onto the rap sheet.

But part of the way this started, like you said earlier, was that Murray was getting suspicious that he wasn't getting everything that was his, for instance, and there were some shady things going on so he sued for information and that opened up the books to scrutiny. It's uncertain whether Murray knew that it would go down the road that it went. He wasn't necessarily trying to expose all this kind of stuff, but when the books started getting opened and this started being looked at closely, then all of these shady deals started to come to light and that's when Charles realized "Okay, I'm really in deep doo-doo right here so I better start hiring some prostitutes to get some blackmail on these people".

Elan: I just have a quick comment on this modus operandi. You read about this tactic in books by Victor Ostrovsky, By Way of Deception. This is Mossad. This is CIA. And the guy isn't an intelligence agency guy. He's just a crook. But it's very interesting that given his political affiliations and given his will to power and his drive to accrue more for himself and his family or at least his sons, that he would gravitate towards this type of tactic to achieve his ends. I just thought that was worth noting here. We heard last year about Bob Weinstein hiring Black Cube, a corporation that helps in delicate situations like this, to make friends with Rose McGowan who is accusing Weinstein of various things. And whatever you think about that situation, there's this whole honey pot infrastructure of leveraging power over people that we've read about in Washington and Israel and various other places. It's like a mini industry of blackmail that exists in the world.

I'm sure Black Cube and other companies like it, which are Israeli by the way, not only try to fix certain situations, but create them. I'm sure that's part of the services they are paid to provide for as well. So just an interesting note there.

Corey: I thought it was interesting that the one who was prosecuting Kushner was Chris Christie who was later hoping to become Donald Trump's vice president but since Jared Kushner was in the administration there were some rumours that Kushner, after watching his father go down in flames because of the prosecution from Chris Christie ended that, that dream for Christie died and he had to settle for his time in New York.

Harrison: Maybe we can get into a little bit about that whole situation because Chris Christie was governor of New Jersey from 2010 to 2018. We already mentioned McGreevey who was governor from 2002 to 2004. Well, Jared Kushner just ties in tangentially to this, but Chris Christie appointed one of the board members to the Port Authority, David Wildstein and he created a new position for him. This was a position that didn't previously exist on the Port Authority but Christie made the position for him to get him in at a six figure salary. Kushner had given Wildstein money for one of his projects.

So this all kind of came to a head from September 9 to September 13, 2013 in the so-called Bridgegate scandal. This was the George Washington bridge I believe and is managed by the Port Authority. For these five days in 2013 two of the lanes of the bridge where shut down on the authority of Wildstein at the Port Authority on their authority because they managed it, but it was in collusion with several of Chris Christie's aids. And of course Wildstein was a direct appointee from Chris Christie.

So they shut down these lanes for five days without telling anybody. No one knew what was going on and it just wreaked havoc on the region because that's a high volume, high traffic bridge. It was not good for the economy, not good for the people living in the cities on either side.

Elan: It was a nightmare actually. I remember when that happened.

Harrison: Yeah?

Elan: Yes. The GWB has a huge amount of traffic like you said Harrison. But anyway, continue.

Harrison: So it was a big snafu. No one knew what was going on and in New York they didn't know what was going on so they reopened the lanes because no one had told anyone else what was going on. It was just a decision that came from this Wildstein guy. There was a big investigation. Originally they found that Chris Christie knew nothing about it, that it was just is aides acting on their own for reasons unknown. But there was speculation at the time about what the reason may have been. There are a couple of hypotheses given but the most credible was that this was basically revenge against the mayor of Fort Lee because this mayor - I can't remember his name - did not support Chris Christie's election or re-election in 2013 or something like that. So this was getting back at this guy for not supporting Christie.

After the investigation several people were indicted and sentenced to time. This is some more background. His chief of staff wrote to Wildstein in August of 2013, so this is before the bridge shutdown and these emails came to light in the investigation. She wrote "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee." Wildstein then replied, "Got it" one minute later. So in the investigation where Christie's chief of staff and the Port Authority executive were both indicted and in this time period somewhere Jared Kushner emailed David Wildstein to tell him what a "bad ass move" it was. So he really liked the fact that Wildstein had screwed over the mayor of Fort Lee by closing down the bridge for five days.

So that's the kind of guy Jared is.

Elan: But think about the implications here for just one second. Basically in this political war involving these people you have a really detrimental, frustrating effect on the people of New Jersey and New York City who are just trying to go to work and get places. There's so much about Dawson's documentary and these facts that come to light in particular, which point to how these people just don't give a shit about your average everyday person and what they need to do to exist reasonably.

Corey: They're so absolutely narcissistic. I was thinking about old Jim McGreevey and his secret Israeli lover. I don't think we've talked about this yet. We touched on him. He was governor of New Jersey from 2002 to 2004, essentially put into power by Kushner. He was secretly gay and he met an Israeli. He wasn't a politician I don't think but he was an official. He'd been in the IDF and he had some official position within the Israeli government.

Harrison: Yeah, he'd worked in various positions in politics and in government.

Corey: His name was Golan Cipel. They had a tryst when McGreevey visited Israel and when he came back he brought Cipel with him and he appointed him as the Homeland Security advisor when he became governor of New Jersey. It was actually Charles Kushner who sponsored Cipel's work visa to the US and then employed him in one of his companies before he was hired by the governor. So then it seems like through whatever shady connections were going on, whether it was intelligence or it was just Kushner's private initiative, whether it was Mossad - there was all sorts of honey pot activities going on here - Cipel ended up threatening to sue McGreevey later on after Kushner and McGreevey split over some ridiculous narcissistic thing.

Harrison: To get some of the connections straight before we get into how the Cipel/McGreevey relationship ended was that first of all Charles Kushner, like we said previous, was McGreevey's biggest fundraiser. He donated $1.5 million to his campaign and Charles Kushner served briefly on the PA. And then it was McGreevey who nominated him to serve as the chairman of the board at the PA in late 2002 I think.

So it's Kushner who sponsors the visa for this Israeli guy that McGreevey meets for 20 minutes in Israel and then decides he wants to bring him back to the States. So he brings him back to the States, gives him these cushy - no pun intended - positions and people are starting to get suspicious. They're like, "Well something's not right here. This is kind of weird." There were rumours and people thought that maybe they were a thing and they weren't sure what this Israeli national was doing getting such high positions and having so much influence in McGreevey's office so they started looking into it.

I think when these rumours started going about there were some questions asked and I think it was for that reason that Cipel was forced to resign. Because McGreevey wasn't backing him up, Cipel's lawyer threatened McGreevey basically saying that Cipel is going to bring sexual harassment charges against McGreevey. I don't exactly know for what, if it was just bad feelings, so in response to that, because McGreevey's cover is blown at this point, he came out, literally, at that time to say he was a gay American. That was his quote. That was a really good move on his part because he didn't get charged with any of the things that he should have been charged with because he was so corrupt. But that forced him to resign as well when he admitted the relationship. Some people in that scene thought that Kushner was the man behind getting Cipel to bring down McGreevey.

Elan: So the big elephant in the room of all of this, aside from McGreevey's big coming out party and the fact that he had this affair, was that you have this, like you were saying Corey, this Israeli national - he's not even a US citizen, he's Israeli - brought in to head New Jersey's Homeland Security department. This isn't an accidental arbitrary thing here. It has to be that someone whispered into McGreevey's ear "You know, Cipel would be really good in Homeland Security".

Harrison: Well it might have been Cipel himself! {laughter} "You know I'd be really good in Homeland Security".

Elan: Yes. And McGreevey bought it in the throes of this relationship. This is only a few years after 911. That's a whole larger subject. We're going to get into that a little bit later I think. It just shows how it takes on a whole wider geopolitical perspective in a certain sense, in this one scandal. Like we were saying before about the honey traps, Cipel was obviously sent in there. They had probably already profiled McGreevey as a closet homosexual and Cipel insinuates himself into a prime position from the point of view of Israel's aims and goals and influence in the US, to influence policy in New Jersey.

Harrison: And meanwhile Charles Kushner is behind the scenes pulling all the strings which is very interesting.

Corey: As Douglas Valentine notes in this book The CIA as Organized Crime, at a certain level it's very difficult to find the boundary, or there is no boundary really between a lot of this intelligence work and organized crime, the mafia, the sale of drugs and all of these covert kinds of operations. That has a long history. But you were talking about 911 Elan, and that brings us to another connection to Kushner and McGreevey who is Lou Eisenberg. He is the chair of the Republican National Committee. He was the former chairman of the Port Authority. He was a partner of Goldman Sachs. He became a partner in 1989. He was also the one who facilitated the sale of the World Trade Center Towers to another man right before the 911 attacks and upon that sale...

Elan: Larry Silverstein.

Corey: Larry Silverstein, I think he doubled the insurance. I believe he did something along the lines of doubling the insurance or something that hinted at foreknowledge of some sort of catastrophic event.

Harrison: Catastrophic event.

Corey: "Catalyzing, catastrophic event".

Elan: Only two months before the World Trade Center attack happened.

Corey: Yes.

Elan: Gets this big insurance bump.

Harrison: Just a couple more details on Lou Eisenberg. He was also a member of the planning board of Jewish Appeal and the United Jewish Federation. I alluded to people like Eisenberg when I was describing the Port Authority at the beginning of this show because Eisenberg's senior advisor was Michael Glassner who was the southwestern regional political director for AIPAC. Just another little 911 anecdote - when Silverstein and his partner - I believe his name was Lowy - took control of the World Trade Center on July 24, 2001, just a couple of months before 911 and on a possibly related note, Dawson points out that this was two days before Bernie Kerik visited Israel.

I wrote an article about this on SOTT several years ago based on another of Dawson's documentaries, Empire Unmasked, where he gets into the details of this because Bernie Kerik was...

Elan: I believe he was the Commissioner.

Harrison: Yeah, police commissioner.

Elan: ...during the months of 911, appointed by Rudy Giuliani.

Harrison: Yeah. So at the end of July 2011, Kerik makes this trip to Israel and it just comes out of nowhere. I've got the details in my article. I'll put a link to that too. So Kerik goes to Israel and no one's really sure why he's there but he gives some interviews while he's there and he talks to Eitan Wertheimer. I don't know if it was at that time or not, I think later on, that he worked for the Jewish Agency. This is something that Dawson points out. The Jewish Agency was the organization that sponsored one of the five dancing Israelis to come to the states.

Elan: Who are the dancing Israelis? Tell us about those.

Harrison: The dancing Israelis are the guys that were caught on 911. It's a big story but I'll try to just give the salient details. You know how during his campaign Trump was talking about the Middle Easterners who were dancing at 911? Of course this was a reference to Fox News who on 911 or shortly after were running footage of what they alleged to be Palestinians celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. There were videos of these Palestinians in Palestine dancing and cheering.

It turns out that it was real video but they were celebrating something entirely different. They weren't celebrating the collapse of the twin towers. It had nothing to do with 911. But on 911 there were Middle Easterners who were celebrating the collapse of the towers and it took years for all of the details to come out because the FBI actually did a pretty good investigation into it. There were these five guys who were working for several moving companies but the one that got the most press was Urban Moving Systems. I believe they were in New Jersey.

Elan: Yes.

Harrison: There were some people in an apartment complex who looked outside and saw these people that they described as Middle Eastern looking and they were standing on top of their moving truck and cheering when the towers came down and taking pictures of themselves. They were flicking lighters and then getting a picture of themselves flicking the lighter with the twin towers burning in the background and giving each other high-fives.

So there was a bolo put out for these people and for others. Several of these guys, not just these five but there was a whole team of them - I can't remember the number but it was in the dozens of Israelis that were picked up after 911 and you don't hear about it in the news. These guys were working for this moving company and they did get caught. The police arrested them because they found the van that matched the description and they were held in custody, I don't know for how long but it was for a significant period of time. One of the guys in the Bush administration got them deported back to Israel without any charges being placed.

But the FBI reports have been declassified. They are still censored in certain spots. There are names and stuff blacked out. But in those documents is the revelation that the Jewish Agency had sponsored one of these guys to come over. Two of them were Israeli intelligence. One of the guys, I think it was the guy that ran Urban Moving Systems, was on an FBI watch list as a known or suspected Mossad spy and these guys had property all over New York and New Jersey and also in Florida where they had their moving companies stationed and they're all staffed by Israelis that are over in the States on temporary visas.

Fox News afterwards did a pretty good report about it I guess before they really knew what was going on and it turns out that this was just part of a much wider operation where there were these Israeli art students, a bunch of young Israeli people who came over to the states to go door-to-door selling art.

Elan: Kind of nice.

Harrison: So there were at least these two operations. There were Israelis selling art and what they did was go to figures that were involved in various high level or security positions and then try to sell them art. The FBI knew what was going on. They knew this was an intelligence gathering operation so when all these guys were rounded up, they knew these were all Israeli spies or at least the vast majority of them. Some of these dancing Israelis were known Israeli spies. They just got deported and I think two journalists asked the question - one writing for I think Counterpunch and the other which was more mainstream writing for some other pretty big leftist paper - but other than that there was nothing in the mainstream media asking who these guys were, how they had foreknowledge because it was evident from the FBI investigations that they did have foreknowledge.

Before each of the towers fell, two minutes before the first tower fell and two minutes before the second tower fell, these guys all placed cell phone calls to other people as if warning "It's about to happen". Someone either heard them say or one of them said in the interviews - I can't remember which - that they were telling people before the second tower cam down, "Okay, the second tower's about to fall". So they were getting reading to film it coming down. So no one was asking who these people were, how they knew about it and why they were celebrating.

Elan: Well I think it was the State Department or one of these other big agencies, along with the Bush administration, that swooped in. Like you said Harrison, they were arrested and apprehended for many months and then deported but the story was kind of squelched. If I remember correctly, on Fox News there was a series of two or four episodes that came out at the time and that was also put down.

Harrison: Yeah, they took it off their website at some point.

Elan: Yes. So you had that happening. Just to get back to Cipel, this Israeli who had an affair with McGreevey, now it makes perfect sense as to why if he was sent in there, the reason why, and that would be to do some kind of spin doctoring and damage control of this story. So it certainly makes sense that they would have Cipel go in there and try and do some damage control after this story had broken, at least in a limited way, and threaten to really blow the lid to some extent on Israel's participation in 911, which again is a very big topic and probably outside the bounds of what we're discussing today, but points to how the centralization of power in New York and New Jersey speaks to geopolitical power as well, not just buying buildings and selling concrete and acquiring large amounts of money in various ways.

And just to get back to your point a little earlier about Bernard Kerik, the former commissioner of the New York Police Department, again just an insight into the characters of a lot of these players. Kerik, one of the highest recognized officials in New York justice and policing, was later sent to prison for racketeering and spent some years in prison. So he came out with this book. He was on Oprah Winfrey and he was Giuliani's right-hand man during 911. The guy's a thug! He's an absolute thug who was sent to prison only a few years later!

And then at some point somebody wanted to make him head of Homeland Security, even after prison which was a total joke! I think it was Bush! So it would be comical if it weren't so ridiculous and so horrible that these people wield so much power in the world today.

Harrison: So Bernie, as you mentioned, was police commissioner during 911 and he was the first known person to have the passport of one of the hijackers that was found on the streets of New York. So the story is that some citizen found the passport and turned it in but that person has never been revealed and the only person, as far back as you can trace the news about that passport, is Bernie Kerik. So somehow Bernie got that passport but no one knows who gave it to Bernie.

Elan: Okay.

Harrison: Maybe he got it on the trip to Israel two months before 911.

Elan: And in case it's not absolutely clear, the story of Bernie Kerik finding one of the passports of one of the alleged terrorists of 911 amidst the rubble where so much was vapourized, is such a tall fairy tale so as to beggar belief. It's just so absurd and yet it was sold to Americans and a lot of people bought it.

Corey: And correct me if I'm wrong, but the Port Authority was responsible for getting all of that rubble removed from the scene of the crime before it could be investigated. Is that correct?

Harrison: Yeah, I believe so. I don't know for sure. But what they were responsible for was to determine what would become of the World Trade Center real estate locations. So they were then responsible for any further development and they were responsible for determining where all those businesses would go. So again the Kushners figure in because Charles Kushner just so happened to have a ton of business real estate just across the pond in New Jersey. So one of the first companies to move from the World Trade Center to one of Kushner's complexes was Goldman Sachs. So all those businesses that had to find new office space, well Kushner just happened to have a whole bunch of free space available. He made off like a bandit after 911 too, just providing office space for all those businesses that no longer had a place to go.

Elan: Another tie in to 911 which Dawson makes very interestingly clear is it was either the New York Observer or the Kushner magazine...

Corey: It was the Observer.

Elan: It was the Observer? That was the first publication in the United States to receive the infamous anthrax letters that set off the big scare in Washington, DC just as the Patriot Act, I believe, was being rushed through by Dick Cheney and pushed through even though you had a lot of politicians saying "Wait a minute! This has to be read before it can be passed!" Is that a coincidence?

Corey: Right. Those politicians then had anthrax mailed to them, right? Is that a coincidence? No. There was clearly an attempt to intimidate. That's what it suggests.

Harrison: We interviewed Graeme MacQueen in April of 2016 about the anthrax attacks because he wrote a great, short little book that just went into the whole anthrax attack story from beginning to end, all the details. The thing about that whole scenario was it's very interesting the way it turned out because those initial reports published by the New York Observer and then after them several others, were all about how these were tied to 911, it was the same people involved, it was these Muslim terrorists because the notes said "death to America, death to Israel, Allah is great". Then what did we learn as this went by? Well Al-Qaeda got taken out of the equation entirely. "Oh, it was domestically sourced. Oh, the anthrax was weapons grade produced in a US facility? Oh well how does that make sense?"

So they ended up just blaming this guy that worked at Fort Detrick or something. Basically that was a whole load of BS too. But if you look at who benefits, if you look at all the connections in there, well just go back to our show with Graeme MacQueen to get all the details with that and just the fact that it was the New York Observer and that Kushner was involved in some way. Then when you look into the Kushner connection and all the connections Kushner had, it's very shady, to say the least.

Corey: This is another interesting detail about the anthrax scare and the investigation, specifically about the FBI investigation, who was responsible for that? Who railroaded an innocent man but Robert Mueller. And who makes his appearance today to railroad another innocent man? Robert Mueller! You can always call on him to abort justice.

But one interesting thing, just coming back to Jared Kushner, we discussed the fact that he became CEO of his family's company in his mid-20s after his father went to prison. It seems at that point he was being initiated or tested or hazed or however, into this corrupt, criminal world that his father lived in and he bought the Observer and then he bought a couple of other papers. Then he started dating Ivanka I believe in either 2007 or 2008 but because of his media business he became an affiliate of Rupert Murdoch who took him under his wing and Murdoch's wife allegedly is the one who convinced Ivanka to marry him because they had broken up for a while to go their separate ways. Religious differences was given as the reason for their breakup.

They met on a yacht under the guise of the Murdochs and Ivanka said that she would adopt the Jewish religion and they ended up getting married. So that's the public relations version I guess of their relationship because, you know, they're high class, they're super rich. You're never going to find out. They're not going to air their dirty laundry or what is going on behind closed doors. But that was when allegedly Trump had cemented the relationship to this whole Zionist ball and chain.

Elan: Well it's interesting because, in the context of all of this, Trump has made some fascinating comments on 911 and the World Trade Center in particular when the buildings came down. Actually I don't know when this interview took place, but he said that the World Trade Center was an incredibly well built and strong building and that there's no way the planes could have been solely responsible for their destruction. He pointed to the fact that much of the steel structure of the World Trade Center was external. You can go on YouTube and hear this. It's like he's questioning the 911 narrative without questioning it. He's just affirming what he knows as a builder and developer. So that's very interesting.

He was also on a morning news program on MSNBC. He was on Morning Joe a couple of years ago, probably about 2015 I think. Basically he says, "Right now you have things going on. You have so-called people that you think are on our side. They're not reporting it. They're not talking about it. And in some cases they're involved with it. I mean, I'll give you an example. Some of our so-called allies that we work with and that we protect militarily, they are sending massive amounts of money to ISIS and to Al-Qaeda and to others." So Joe asks, "So who are you talking about there?" Donald says, "You know who it is. Why do I have to bring it up for. You know who it is?" "Because you're running for President. Are you talking about the Saudis? Joe asks. And Trump says, "Hey Joe, other countries are giving massive amounts of money, people from other countries are giving massive amounts of money." So Joe asks, "So are you saying the Saudis are doing this?" Donald Trump say, "Of course they're doing it. Everybody knows that Joe." "Any other countries?" "There are but I'm not going to say it because I have a lot of relationships with people {laughter}, but there are and you know that and everybody knows that and nobody says it. Nobody talks about it."

So, publicly, before he becomes President Trump basically lays it out I think. Anybody with two neurons firing I think would be able to figure out that he's talking about Israel. He's got a lot of relationships?! Bam! That's probably the kind of clue that would indicate this. So he knows what's going on and he's not happy about it I don't think. But he is a "real politic" politician. He's dealing with what he has and what exists and what's real and I think that to a large extent informs his approach to things, even if he's crude and he pisses off a lot of people and he's going against the grain in so many ways. He knows what reality is and he's trying to work with it and he's trying to make the best of it at the same time. If we get a little bit into the situation as it's unfolding with his proposed Middle East peace plan between Israel and Palestine, I think there are a couple of things about it, Thierry Masson comments on it. Basically what Trump seeks to do is have Jordan take part of the West Bank and form a contiguous Palestinian land. Egypt is to work with Gaza and the Palestinians are to forget about any kind of capital homeland in Jerusalem.

Now whatever you think about the plan itself - and that's just a short bit of it; maybe we'll link an article that we have by Thierry Masson to the show - but whatever you think about it, Masson makes a very interesting point here which is that Trump is just trying to relieve the suffering of the Palestinians. Even if he's pissing them off at the same time, he knows that the Israelis will never give in to any kind of comprehensive, fair peace plan that would give any kind of justice. Maybe I'm wrong about this. Maybe Trump is a Zionist at heart, but I think a good argument could be made to suggest that the reason he's had Kushner traipse around the Middle East all this time is because it puts a very good face on Trump's being aligned with Israel and being "on Israel's side". So I don't know if you guys have any thoughts or comments on that, but it is certainly interesting to watch and to see what he is trying to do.

Harrison: The only thing I'd have to say is that it'll be interesting to see what actually happens because Trump is kind of an enigma. You can never really know what's going on until it actually happens. So we'll just have to wait and see on that.

I just wanted to make a couple of general points and then get into one specific example, the general point being that first of all we just covered the first half of Dawson's little documentary. It's only an hour long but it's jam packed with information. If you're interested I recommend checking it out because there's a lot of interesting things in there and maybe our conversation will be a bit of background for so it's not too dense when you watch it for the first time.

But one of the take away messages from it, that I took at least, was just how corrupt New York and New Jersey politicians are. It seems if you just read through the news, no matter who you find, whether it's politicians or real estate, you'll find people who go to jail, that are under indictment for conspiracy, fraud, breaking campaign finance laws. It's just endemic in the whole culture there. There are numerous examples we didn't even get to, but Dawson kind of peppers them throughout his little documentary. It's remarkable to see just how corrupt they are and how many examples there are, how many of these people have gotten caught for it, and actually gone to prison.

This just brings me to the specific example. I want to read this article which is briefly mentioned in Dawson's documentary. It's just brought up as a screenshot. He doesn't talk about it. It's in the context of this corruption. So this is an article from the Washington Post published July 2009. The headline is Rabbis New Jersey Politicians Among 44 Arrested in Corruption Probe. July 23.

"A two year federal probe into a money laundering operation taking place between the New York area and Israel ballooned into one of the biggest bribery and corruption sweeps in New Jersey history netting three northern New Jersey mayors, two members of the New Jersey legislature, a raft of local officials, five rabbis and a Brooklyn man accused of trafficking in human kidneys, US prosecutor said today. FBI agents arrested 44 people in a series of morning raids, creating a dramatic scene of politicians and rabbis in traditional outfits handcuffed and being marched into the federal building in Newark and then boarded onto a bus for the drive to the federal courthouse.

Among those arrested were legislators, L. Harvey Smith, Daniel M. Van Pelt, Hoboken mayor Peter Cammarano, Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, Richfield Mayor Anthony Suarez as well as the deputy mayor and council president of Jersey City. The arrested rabbis included Saul Kassin, the chief rabbi of the tight knit Syrian Jewish community in the United States and the chief rabbis of synagogues in Brooklyn and Deal, New Jersey. A Brooklyn man, Levi-Izhak Rosenbaum, known in his circles as the kidney salesman was also arrested as part of the sweep and charged with enticing vulnerable people in Israel to sell one of their kidneys for $10,000 then charging waiting transplant patients in this country up to $160,000. He admitted brokering kidney sales for a decade, federal prosecutors said in the complaint.

'It seems that everyone wanted a piece of the action' said acting US attorney Ralph J. Mara, Jr. 'The corruption was widespread and pervasive'. He said the politicians in New Jersey existed in an ethics-free zone. The huge operation was based on a single confidential informant who was able to help the FBI obtain hundreds of hours of video and audio recordings. The recordings include Hoboken's new mayor Cammarano who turned 32 on Wednesday, allegedly bragging in a diner about how he was going to win last month's election even if he were indicted because he had locked down the votes of Hispanics, Italians and senior citizens. A former city councilman, Cammarano is charged with taking $25,000 in bribes.

According to federal prosecutors, Thursday's sweep was an outgrowth of a long running undercover corruption probe known as Operation Bid Rig which has already sent a raft of other local New Jersey politicians to jail. According to a release describing the operation, an FBI informant in 2007 began helping agents uncover a money laundering operation between New Jersey, New York and Israel. According to the complaint, the rabbis used registered charities linked to their synagogues to launder money from illegal goods such as counterfeit handbags. The person wishing to wash illicit proceeds would write a check to the charity then receive cash minus a handling fee of five to ten percent kept by the rabbis.

The money laundering probe mushroomed into investigation into public corruption and bribery when the same FBI informant was introduced to a Jersey City building inspector, John Guarini who allegedly took a total of $40,000 in bribes and introduced the informant to another Jersey City official, Maher A. Khalil, deputy director of Jersey City's department of health and human services. The informant pretended to be a developer interested in building high rises but who needed expedited permits and approvals. The complaint says Khalil made the introductions to people he called players in restaurants around New Jersey and the informant would then pass envelopes stuffed with cash in the parking lot afterwards. The amounts were usually in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 going to housing inspectors, planning officials, health department workers and politicians. Prosecutors said much of the money was being solicited for the closely contested election campaigns for city council and mayor earlier this year in Hoboken and Jersey City.

The same informant also posed as a businessman with a female FBI agent posing as his secretary to convince Rosenbaum that they needed to find a kidney for the woman's critically ill uncle. According to the prosecutors Rosenbaum replied that he was a matchmaker and had been in the business of selling kidneys for 10 years."

Elan: {singing} Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match. {laughter}

Harrison: So this is just run of the mill Jersey stuff going on here.

Corey: Jersey is a mafia state.

Elan: Well Israel is a well known organ trafficker and human trafficker so I guess it's no surprise even though the article didn't make mention of connections. Well it did make mention of some connections to Israel there I think. Wow! It's so pervasive. Everywhere you look it's as though virtually most of what gets done is influenced by crime and really bad crime.

Harrison: Bad in both senses of the word; bad as in evil and bad as in just stupid as well.

Elan: Reckless.

Harrison: Yeah, you look at these people and the things they get up to and they're just not very smart. They're incompetent. They're competent at just being low level criminals like Charles Kushner. He's really good at being a really dumb criminal and that's about all that he's good at. One of the points Dawson makes is that we've got to stop thinking of these people as competent businessmen. They really are just low brow criminals that have managed to find a great way of making a lot of money just by being stupid and corrupt because what they do is they bribe the government official. The government then gives them contracts, gives them a lot of money, then they can use that money to bribe more government officials and to send a lot of the money back to Israel or through AIPAC. It's just this circle of money exchange and the jobs they do aren't even good.

So all these government contracts go back generations really. Dawson gets into an example going back to I think the Crown family where after Kennedy was assassinated he set up this deal to create some kind of jet for the Air Force or something and Boeing was supposed to get the contract. They were the ones that would have done a better job but then Johnson came in and he gave the contract to the Crown family's General Mechanics or something like that, some other company. It's like the F35 today right, where you have these giant corporations like Lockheed that get giant contracts from the government, no bid contracts and then they don't have any incentive to actually do a good job. They're just in it for the money and they know they can get the contracts so they get way too much money to do a really poor job.

This is just a repeating pattern. The only reason they get the contracts is because they've bribed the politicians in order to get them and it just goes on and on and on because this money just keeps changing hands without any actual real good work being done and in this specific case, like Dawson points out, a lot of these people are tied to AIPAC so they bribe the government to get money from the government, from the US taxpayers to then bribe more officials to put in the coffers of AIPAC which then influences US foreign policy because AIPAC has agents within all of the foreign policymaking institutions in the United States at all levels of government.

Elan: Hundreds of lobbyists.

Harrison: Yeah, thousands! And of course there's ties with organized crime. So it's just this network of people paying each other and getting nothing done and the things they are getting done have no benefit to the US whatsoever.

Corey: That's politics in America.

Elan: So maybe we can just bring this back around to how all of this connects to Trump in particular, the title of our show today, Trump's Zionist Ball and Chain and how it ties him down in a way. Because in one sense it's been his vehicle. It's been the way he's been able to do business for decades. It's working within the system. And on the other there's this impetus on his part, whether you like his methods or not, to make America great again, to have it be a functioning country with a good economy and jobs for people, with a foreign policy that's against intervention. He's spoken out. When he was debating Hillary Clinton he said "You don't even know who you're supporting in Syria!" He's come out and said this.

So on one level you can see that he's really trying. However uphill a battle it is and however systemic the problems are, there is an attempt to do America better. And on the other he has to make a big show of being supportive of Israel. His donor Sheldon Adelson gave him 80 or 90 million dollars to help him with his campaign at a time when Hillary Clinton had maybe five times as much in her war chest for running the Presidential campaign.

So he's beholding to these powers that he knows have something over him in the sense of there being this favour bank. You do for me, I do for you. But inherent in this relationship, in this deal with the devil it seems, is that he'll never be allowed to really fully realize any of these ambitions he has for the US, if they are sincere, and I think they are. So that to me is the Zionist ball and chain. Israel wants Assad out. They were supportive of insurgents and jihadis in Syria. They were supportive of Al-Qaeda. They were providing material support and health services. The US, the CIA was and probably still is to some great extent, supporting the jihadis against Assad and Trump's got to battle this. He's got a very delicate balancing act to perform in front of the world, in front of Israel, in front of all the people who are against his wanting détente with Russia, all the things that Israel is vehemently, pathologically fighting against on some level. So I don't know. Zionist ball and chain guys.

Harrison: Well I think that what it really comes down to is that Trump really doesn't care one way or the other. He just wants to look at his checkbook and not see red. He wants to see a positive balance for the US. So I don't think Trump really cares one way or the other what Israel does or what they want unless it is against American interests or his interests. So he's perfectly fine to just let Palestinian rot one way or the other. But if something comes to the point where there's a policy or a practice that goes against his vision for how he wants to be President and what he wants to do as President, then in that case I can see him doing a JFK or an RFK, not necessarily out of any deep moral fiber but just simply because of the bottom line. He'll be like "No, we don't want to do that" so I don't think he'd have any problem stabbing ex-allies in the back when it came down to it, but I don't really see him as being a visionary leader with these high moral aspirations for what he wants to do in the world. It's like, "No, that doesn't work. I don't want to do that. Oh it looks like that works. Let's do that. Those people are doing that. I don't care. How does it affect me. Oh, it's affecting me that way? Okay let's do something about it."

I see him more as a really practical businessman. When it comes down to it, they don't really care about the issues themselves as opposed to what the effect is. 'Is that practical? Does that work? Yes or no. Let's work with that.'

Corey: Right. And in the process that's why he's upsetting the world order because it's all based on America being in the red. America just pays countries in order to them in its orbit, like the Middle East, all the foreign aid that we give to different countries, that we give to foreign leaders, that we give to Middle Eastern allies to play nice with Israel. We pay Israel billions of dollars. That's just part of the bottom line of American empire, that we pay. That's the corruption inherent in the American empire; we're constantly paying all of these people. It's a waste. It's obviously a waste. It's not a good way to run a business. So when Trump comes in, like you said he's probably not morally all revved up in order to save the world.

Harrison: He doesn't cry himself to sleep over children dying in other countries.

Corey: No. He's just like "Why the heck are we paying for NATO's budget?! Why the heck are we paying the Taliban?! Why are we paying Jordan and all these other countries all of this money?! What is really in it for us, for America?"

Elan: When you think about the US's support for the Saudi war on Yemen in particular and the horror show that we're seeing unfold there right now, yeah, it's like what the hell is Trump doing there? Why is he in support of this sort of thing? It's pretty horrible. I don't know if he sees something in it for the US because that's what the Saudis want, right? So we're friends of the Saudis. We need the Saudis We need the petrodollar to stay the petrodollar and they're pretty much one of the only parties in the world that's onboard with that idea - maybe. Things are changing very quickly. I could see how he's less an idealist than an utter pragmatist. Trump is working within a system that is so far gone, even if he's not a good guy necessarily or a Kennedy or someone with an idealistic vision, he is an utter pragmatist and I think he's come in and said "Wow! The situation in the US is so friggin' bad, it's so bad that heck, I can do a better job. I'd want to see at a minimum..."

Harrison: "I could do a great job!"

Elan: "I could do an awesome job!"

Harrison: "I could do the best job!" {laughter}

Elan: He thinks he can be huge. So there is that.

Corey: Well I just think that documentary was an excellent window into how the mafia and intelligence and corruption and greed all combines together to create this perfect storm that disrupts people's lives and leads to inefficient government, inefficient business and in the end you end up with President Trump. {laughter} You've got Donald Trump having to come in to fix things up. But it just gives an idea of just how deep the swamp is, just how deep it is and all of the different creatures and critters that live in it, like Charles Kushner, Jared Kushner, all the mafia families that ran all the different organizations that Trump had to go through to build his towers and build the casinos, all of the mafia connections in casinos and the drug trade and the connections with our foreign policy, the wars in Afghanistan and opium production.

It's all just this mass of tangled web of just however many little gross spiders spinning all those webs. And this is just one window into it and just how nasty it is. I think it's definitely apropos that it's in New Jersey and New York and we get to see what was going on around the time of 911 and all the different players that were involved in that tragedy and catastrophe for America and what happens when you let this kind of thing just run wild for so long. Well we see what happens now. You get 911. You get these career criminal politicians. I won't say it's a very hopeful topic to discuss but I think that it's very informative on how evil spreads and how it works, just through criminal negligence a lot of the time; narcissism, negligence, nepotism, all of it just combined. It was definitely a good documentary.

Anyway, I guess that will be the end of the show for today. We thank everybody for joining us this afternoon. We hope you have a great Saturday. Thank you and stay tuned next week for The Truth Perspective on Saturday at noon.

Harrison: Alright, see you everyone.

Elan: Bye. Thanks for listening.