A dead whale has been discovered washed up on an East Yorkshire beach.

The four-metre long male minke whale was found washed up on the north side of Hornsea beach at around 8pm on Tuesday.

The Hornsea Coastguard team arrived and sadly discovered the dead whale.

A spokesman for Hornsea Coastguard said: "We were paged by Humber CGOC to reports of a deceased whale on the beach.

"The team responded to the scene and recorded the details of the whale and its position and completed the required documentation for the Natural History Museum.

"All details were passed to Humber CGOC and the Natural History Museum.

"If you find any deceased whales, porpoise or dolphins on the beach please call the coastguard."

Hull Live recently reported how a number of porpoises have been washed up across East Yorkshire in the last couple of weeks following storms and high spring tides.