A total of nine people have been killed due to lightning strikes over the past month across Turkey, with experts warning that the rising number of such incidents could be related to a boom in magnetic fields across the world, daily Habertürk reported on May 17.

Some 26 people were injured and more than 120 animals were also killed by lightning strikes in Turkey, according to recent reports from European Lightning Strikes Monitoring System.

Around 200,000 lighting strike incidents occurred across Europe countries over the past month, with the Turkish authorities confirming those figures and adding that the number of lighting strike incidents have also increased in the country.

Experts said the number of lighting strike incidents increased massively between May 5 and 13.

"Electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic pollution in the natural environment have increased dramatically. Cell phones also work with the electromagnetic system. Many scientists in Europe have sought to stop the work of 5G through applications at the U.N. and the European Parliament. When 5G arrives, new base stations will be installed and electromagnetic fields will increase," Boğaziçi University academic Selim Şeker said.

"The natural equilibrium and the human structure will deteriorate. A human is a magnetic charge. Mobile phones and other resources further increase the magnetic charges on humans. The increase in an electromagnetic field causes unwanted events. So things like this are going to happen more often," Şeker added.

One lightning strike can carry up to a billion volts of electricity, more than enough to stop a human's heart and burn their visceral organs.