The ice storm only lasted 10 minutes, but hailed down with fury, covering the ground in white

The ice storm only lasted 10 minutes, but hailed down with fury, covering the ground in white
A severe storm in Texas dropped tennis ball-sized hail in the Dallas Forth Worth area.

The massive storm saw thunder, heavy rain, and hail fall from the sky Friday night.

The deluge released a heavy downpour of hail around 7pm Friday for about 10 minutes, sending the balls of ice flying through the air, destroying windows and cars.

Locals shared the astonishing images of the hail on social media, where the balls of ranged from the size of a pea to a tennis ball, according to NBC.

Several people shared video footage of the torrential storm that covered front lawns in white as millions of pieces of hail fell to the ground.

In some footage viewers can hear the thuds and taps of the heavy ice balls hitting the earth.

'Thought I was in a horror movie there for a minute,' said Celina, Texas resident Felisha Greer said to CBS.

'It sounded like big concrete just slamming on top of our house. It was horrible,' she added.

She was driving home when the storm hit and took cover in the garage along with her kids.

She witnessed the hail pummel her trees and smash her car windows. Some bits even crashed into her home.

'It's terrifying. That's your children. You don't want your children in a mess like this especially as much glass as there is,' she said.

Saturday morning crews took over the Rockwell area of Texas to clean up the debris left behind.

Firefighters were also out in the affected areas responding to broken windows and skylights, damaged cars and roofs, and downed trees, according to NBC.

No one was injured in the powerful storm that swept through the southern state.

Twitter users expressed their shock with the unusual weather.

'Texas weather is wack- yesterday it was 82 degrees then outta nowhere we get hit by a storm with golf ball sized hail & now it's 35 degrees in the afternoon. all I want is consistency in my life sheeeesh (sic),' one Twitter user wrote.

'Huge hail storm hit us a few minutes ago. Thanks Texas for having strange weather patterns. Not helping since Collin County is at the edge of tornado valley,' another added.

'We just got hit by a massive hail sand thunderstorm in Allen, BASEBALL sized hail. Car window shattered, we took shelter in our car on our way to church. When the hail stopped sirens flared, be safe yall,' another wrote.