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Hail and windstorm in several gewogs in Sarpang yesterday afternoon damaged crops and property.

No casualties or injuries have been reported so far.

Preliminary disaster assessment report found damage in three gewogs of Shompangkha, Dekiling and Gakidling. Shompangkha is the most affected gewog.

As of late evening yesterday, assessment could be carried out in just half of Darjaythang and Kencholing chiwogs. Roofs of six houses were blown away and over 10 poultry farms were damaged. The disaster left over 400 poultry birds, six goats, and a cow dead.

Mangmi Ash Man Rai said that for the time being affected households were provided with tarpaulin sheets. Almost all the households in the two chiwogs reported vegetable and cash crop damage.

"We're yet to complete assessment," he said.

Detailed assessment is expected to be completed by evening today.

Roofs of at least four houses were blown away in Gakidling gewog. Huge hailstones got in through CGI sheet in two houses.

Gewog administrative officer, Dawa Zangmo, said that the hailstorm damaged crops and vegetables in four chiwogs.

In Singye gewog, preliminary damage report collected by the gewog administration found over 100 areca nut trees damaged.

One of the families in Darjaythang was conducting final rites of a member of the family when the windstorm blew away the roof of the kitchen. Rainwater flooded the rooms.

One of the family members, Durga Devi Acharya, 51, said that the family was just about to eat when the storm struck and blew away their plates.

"All our belongings are drenched," she said.

Some areca nut trees were damaged in Dekiling gewog.

National Council common forum in Dekiling gewog was delayed by about half an hour because officials were stranded and voters turned up late.

Dzongdag Karma Galay said that since the disaster stuck in the afternoon and lasted for a few hours, damage assessment is yet to be completed.