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Is 2018 the year time travel comes out of the closet and achieves some sort of legitimacy, if not actual proof, like UFOs did in 2017? After videos of three alleged time travelers surfaced earlier this year in one week, three more appeared recently and a presidential candidate, who claims he has time traveled and promised to expose the technology if elected, revealed he has also time traveled to Mars and seen evidence of life and graveyards. What about some lottery numbers or stock market predictions?

Let's start with pixel-faced "Noah." He appeared first in a video from Apex TV (the new go-to source for time travel videos) where he claims he's from the year 2030, says he can't show his face or use his real voice because he could be assassinated for revealing the future and looks like his comments are being evaluated by a lie detector which buzzes in the background while the video flashes the word "True" on the screen. That last part seems pretty questionable, not to mention hokey.

In the video, and in a later interview in Australia on Sydney's KIIS 106.5, he says that (some media reports call these "predictions" but they should be called "revelations" since he allegedly already knows they will happen) that Donald Trump will be re-elected, the law limiting the age of a president will be changed and a 21-year-old female named Ilana Remikee will become President in 2030 - but the really big news is that Ilana is the granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr.

Although that one registers "true" on the so-called lie detector, no searches have come up with a granddaughter of King by that name. He also said he takes pills to keep from aging, has proof he's from the future (although he doesn't reveal it - possibly waiting to get on a bigger radio show), says global warming will still be a problem as will pennies, even though bitcoin use will increase.

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