Eastern Ghouta, Syria 2018
Another year, another Olympics marred by petty politics, dirty tricks, and information warfare. Why is Russia now the global sports pariah? What's up with all the doping? It looks as if it is Washington putting the so-called "Gerasimov doctrine" into effect: full-on hybrid warfare, without ever having to fire a gun.

And as the Olympians compete in their dopey games, the Syrian war has escalated to "another Aleppo", "another Srebrenica", this time in East Ghouta. But it's not just the headlines being recycled. The reality on the ground is pretty much the same as it was in Aleppo, with western journalists providing information cover for the terrorists occupying the area, holding civilians hostages, indiscriminately shelling civilian targets in Damascus, and trying to convince the world that they're not Al-Qaeda. As the Syrians progressed in their liberation of East Ghouta, Western terrorist sympathizers stepped into the fray, with the UNSC voting for a 30-day truce. But will Al-Qaeda abide by it? Unlikely.

With the proxy war waged in PyeongChang and Syria in full swing, the third front - Russiagate - is still going strong despite there being no evidence for it existing in the first place. There's more evidence for Bigfoot. The Dems have now released their much hyped memo. Mueller has indicted Russians and more Americans. And yet that Russian collusion is still nowhere to be found.

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