canine attack
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A 12-year-old girl has died in Ukraine after being set upon by a pack of stray dogs as she walked home from school.

Liza Kanareikina's body was torn to pieces and discovered by her parents near Donetsk to the east of the country.

They found her body in woodland where she would walk daily when she failed to return home.

Neighbour Natalia Skiba said: 'The child was walking back home and did not make it. She was found here in the forest, already torn to pieces.'

A local report said: 'Pieces of meat were literally torn off her body, the snow around was red from blood.'

Liza Kanareikina's body was discovered by her parents in woodland
Liza Kanareikina's body was discovered by her parents in woodland
Another claiming that the girl was partly eaten by the wild strays, said: 'Police opened a criminal investigation and shot dead several dogs in order to check what was inside their stomachs.'

Local Irina Filippova said: ' Police are questioning citizens and looking for any witnesses of the tragedy.'

A neighbour of the dead girl, Dmitry Tsurkanov, said: 'I was driving by the scene and found her school bag.

'I opened it and saw notebooks, textbooks, one was Russian Language for the 6th grade.'

No announcement has been made yet on the findings of forensic analysis.

'The results of forensic examination are not ready yet in the city police department,' said a report by Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

'So far police have refrained from comment (on the results).'

Locals are becoming deeply concerned over stray dogs abandoned in the civil war beginning in 2014 which resulted in pro-Vladimir Putin rebels seizing concern of this part of eastern Ukraine.

One woman, m Galina, complained she was bitten by a stray while shopping at a local market.

Many people left the blitzed region and abandoned their pets.

Vladimir Tsimmerman, an official from the Donetsk city administration in the rebel-held region, said: 'This is one of the consequences of war.

'All of us understand that these dogs were abandoned and became wild.

'Now they are migrating from one town to another, and what is more sad - from time to time they attack and bite people.

'Every month we take away 50 to 100 dogs. Half are brought back with chips and sterilised. The rest are destroyed.'