two headed snake
While two headed snakes are found in the wild, a snake has one head on each end has shocked a passerby in China.

Mr Yang discovered a 20-centimetre-long (7.9 inches) reptile as he took a walk in a park after lunch in Qingyuan, Zhejiang Province on February 1.

Footage shows it writhing its body on the ground as Mr Yang used a stick to move it around carefully.

The two heads seem to be fighting each other to control the body.

The snake was released back to nature shortly after Mr Yang took a video and shared it online, according to QingYuan News.

Qingyuan Forestry Police replied to the reporter that the snake could possibly be a northern reed snake, a common reptile species in Vietnam, however, not in China.

The tail of a northern reed snake has a very similar pattern including colour markings and size, as the head, thus often being mistaken a two-headed snake.

The primary food source is earthworms.

The species has been listed under the protected species under China's wild animals protection law since 2000.

The breed of the snake cannot be identified until it was being examined by professionals.