Temple Terrace, Florida
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There's a mystery unfolding in Temple Terrace-- at least along one street.

Neighbors describe repeatedly hearing what sounds like sonic booms rattling their homes.

It was all quiet when 10News visited Belle View Avenue in Temple Terrace on Friday, but residents here report hearing the noises at recently as yesterday.

"Usually it's two booms at once, like 'boom boom,'" said Rod Wray, an engineer who moved to Temple Terrace a few months ago. "It shakes the whole house and my chandelier glass rattles."

When he started hearing the booms this summer he immediately wanted answers.

"I went around and asked three of my neighbors. They've all heard it and they all have their own theories," said Wray.

Some suspect it might be sonic booms from aircraft flying overhead.

"There is an Air Force base somewhere here, not necessarily MacDill," said neighbor Nathan Redman. "They may fly faster jets out of there and they may be sonic booms that were hearing."

But because the noise is so localized Wray believes it may have to do with trapped air in an underground water main beneath their homes. A few blocks over we couldn't find anyone hearing the noise.

We even called Temple Terrace Police, but they knew nothing about the booms either. But on Belle View neighbors are adamant about what they hear.

"I'm going to research it a little bit," said Wray. "I'm not shy so I'm gonna go out and ask the questions."

Wray says an engineer was out in the neighborhood earlier Friday looking into the complaints. He says the city has agreed to flush the water lines to see if that gets rid of the noises.

For now, the mystery continues. but we'll continue to stay on the story and bring you up to date when we figure anything out.