Irma, Jose, earthquake

Irma et Jose font tomber le record des ouragans simultanés les plus puissants.
This week on Behind the Headlines we're taking in some of the wild weather currently rocking the planet. Not two weeks after Harvey pummeled the Texas coast, the Caribbean is recovering from an extremely powerful hurricane, and Florida's next in its sights.

Also this week, Mexico's strongest-ever earthquake coincided with the strongest solar flare in over a decade, as well as the impact of yet another hurricane. In the north of the continent, another record-breaking wildfire season - coming after record-breaking snowfalls last winter - just won't end.‌

In the meantime, this week's geopolitical earthquakes in and around northeast Asia saw BRICS nations strengthen economic ties and their positions on North Korea's nukes. Leading the way is another 'force of nature', Vladimir Putin, whose patience is paying off in Syria, where the last major ISIS stronghold of Deir ez Zor collapsed last week.‌

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