Eerie green glow over Kent, UK
© Wessex News
Hand on heart, we'll admit that Tonbridge in Kent is a pretty odd place for an alien invasion to start - but residents spotted something very odd last night.

An eerie green glow in the sky - far too far south to be the northern lights.

So it's obviously Martians, right?

Tonbridge's green tinge in the night sky was visible for miles around the town, with motorists reporting it from far afield, and it was at its strongest from around 8pm to 10pm.

Eerie glow over Kent
© Clare Marco
Some locals claimed it could be 'aluminium in the atmosphere'.

Local resident Stuart Purchard said the phenomenon 'happens every year' and claimed it emanated from Tonbridge School, where 'the hockey pitch floodlights make an eerie green light from the pitch after it's been damp or raining'.

But Clare Macro, who took several pictures of the glow, said, 'I've checked Tonbridge School and found it was not the source. It's a real mystery."