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On this episode of the Health and Wellness show we will Connect the Dots in health news over the last couple of months. Big food is back in the news with their ridiculous recommendations about 'healthy dietary fats'. The Presidential advisory panel sponsored by the American Heart Association has once again displayed their blatant conflicts of interest, cherry picked data and misguided science when it come to recommendations for a 'healthy diet'. Big food profits drive the funding, publication and discussion of organizations like the AHA while researchers, authors, cardiologists and consumers are left wondering what is going on?

We cannot address Big Food without looking at the connections between Big Pharma and Big Disease. If 'food is information' as science has been suggesting how does lifestyle, diet and environmental factors contribute to our overall health? Join us for yet another lively discussion about food, Big Pharma drugs and the growing epidemic of disease.

As always added in the mix is Zoya's pet health segment!

Running Time: 01:26:46

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