Trump Jr. and Trump Sr.
© Jewel Samad / AFP
The big news this week - just like every other week - is all about Trump. But this time it's Trump Jr. A year ago a shady British publicist set up a meeting between the junior Donald and a Russian. Now that the whole world knows about it, people are freaking out. Meeting with Russians is bad.

Unfortunately for the Russia-baiters, this latest scandal is the same as all the previous ones. As the story grows with every telling, its substance diminishes with equal rapidity. The meeting was a waste of time. There was no Russian collusion. And the hyper-focus on what the anti-Trumpers desperately want to be there - but which cannot be found - only exposes their own hypocrisy and double standards.

It was the Clintonista crew that top to bottom invented the 'dodgy dossier' on Trump, and Hillary's DNC actually colluded with Ukraine's illegitimate "government" to help undermine Trump. If that isn't bad enough, Bill Clinton's former political operatives Michael Caputo and Dick Morris are coming out to plainly admit that they were tasked to help Boris Yeltsin get re-elected as Russian President in the 90s. A big win for team USA - and a disaster for Russia. Now, these stories would make great burgers (with all the toppings!) if the corporate media served up a semblance of objectivity.

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