The golden jackal after it was rescued in Vikhroli.
© Rajesh Gupta
The golden jackal after it was rescued in Vikhroli.
A golden jackal was rescued in Vikhroli (E) last evening, three weeks after mid-day reported (on May 3) how the animal was driving terror into the hearts of residents.

Three men in Ghatkopar's pumping house were attacked early May. Two of the victims suffered injuries on their hands while trying to shield themselves from the animals, where as the third victim's lips were injured.

BMC guard Chetan Patil was the first victim. He was on duty around 1 pm on Monday when, "Suddenly from nowhere, I was attacked by an animal. I couldn't understand what was happening. The animal jumped around 4 feet in the air to attack me," said Chetan.

The second victim was Rakesh Shukla, a security guard for a land belonging to Godrej, who was attacked around 8 pm while he was on the phone. "He just held my left hand. I was so scared; I pushed him with the other hand and succeeded in shooing him away," said Shukla. He has suffered injuries in his left hand.

The third victim is a man named Walid, who was attacked when he was strolling around the service road, added a guard. He is suffered an injured lip post the attack.

The forest department decided to install cameras in the area to monitor movements of the animal.

Residents in Vikhroli and Ghatkopar, who frequent the mangrove stretch adjacent to the eastern express highway, have often reported about jackal sightings in the area. According to these residents, the jackals tend to get aggressive on spotting humans.

A day after jackal attacks, Laxminarayan Shetty, a Mulund-based hotelier and cyclist recollected his brush with the pack on the same stretch in December last year.