Violent anti-Maduro riot in Venezuela
The past week has seen yet another round of violence, as the opposition continues to demand the overthrow of the government. While the protesters have been largely depicted in the international media as victims of police repression, the reality is a little more complicated. A picture says a thousand words, so here's some photos of those 'peaceful' protesters being repressed.

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Protesters torch a National Guard armoured personnel carrier (APC).

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Protesters trying to force their way inside an APC in Caracas. The international media later carried reports complaining the vehicle ran over a protester.
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Protesters blocking a highway, using stolen fencing to create a barricade.

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A 'peaceful' protester.
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A protester fires at state security forces, using a home-made mortar

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A protester is engulfed in flames after the National Guard motorbike he was trying to set on fire suddenly explodes.

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Despite the best efforts of protesters who routinely attack hospitals, Venezuela's healthcare system still has the capacity to care for this demonstrator, who suffered massive burns from his ordeal.

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Right-wing legislator Freddy Guevara shakes hands with a protester, shortly before they attacked the National Guard in Caracas.

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A protester displays a shotgun seized from security forces.
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A lone National Guardsperson stares down a line of right-wing attackers