brain chemicals, amygdala
On this episode of the Health and Wellness Show we spoke about the amygdala, two almond shaped clusters located in the limbic ring of the brain. In neuroscience the amygdala is referred to as the 'emotional sentinel', it is the specialist in emotional matters, where all passion originates.

Have you ever had the experience where you totally lost control, only later realizing you had no idea what or how you were set off? The experience is known as the 'amygdala hijack' - the amygdala takes over before the 'thinking brain' has a chance to respond. In today's crazy world how can we avoid the amygdala hijack? What are some strategies we can employ in everyday life that will lead to greater emotional intelligence? Join us as we talk about the warning signs that lead to this neural hijack and how can we navigate these uncertain times with calm, collected mental clarity.

Also, stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health segment, where she gives us some fun facts about cockroaches.

Running Time: 01:32:41

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