tourist bitten by komodo dragon indonesia

“This is the first incident of a human being bitten by a Komodo dragon in the past five years"
A tourist is being treated for serious leg injuries after being attacked by a Komodo dragon in Indonesia.

Local media reported that Lon Lee Alle, 50, who is from Singapore, was savaged in West Manggarai on Wednesday morning after ignoring warnings that he should not get too close to the vast reptiles.

According to the head of the nearby Komodo National Park, known only as Mr Sudiyono, Mr Alle had been watching several Komodo dragons devouring pigs and goats which belonged to villagers in the area when he decided to venture closer to them in order to take some pictures.

Mr Sudiyono told The Jakarta Post: "He must have been too close. A Komodo doesn't like to be disturbed when eating."

Komodo dragons can grow up to a maximum of 10ft in length and can weigh as much as 150lb. They have a keen sense of smell and are immensely strong.

tourist attacked komodo dragon indonesia
The carnivores live on several Indonesian islands, where they hunt and ambush prey including birds and, when the opportunity presents itself, mammals.

Mr Alle was saved by locals and taken to hospital on a military speed boat to be treated for his injuries.

Mr Sudiyono said: "This is the first incident of a human being bitten by a Komodo dragon in the past five years. I appeal to all tourists to take guides with you when wandering around to see Komodo dragons. Never risk your safety by staying with locals and watching Komodos without a local guide for the sake of your budget."