Dog attack
A toddler was taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Wednesday night after a dog attacked her in her own back yard, according to police.

Keith McAfee said he was helping his cousin with yardwork nearby when he heard the sound of the girl's screaming.

"The next thing I see is a black pit bull had a little girl on the ground. (It) was basically shaking her around like she was a rag doll," he said.

He said he approached the dog and attempted to scare it away, but it continued to attack the girl.
She only escaped, according to McAfee, when her mother stepped in to grab her and run. Multiple witnesses had called police, and the girl was taken to Children's Hospital in an ambulance.

Shortly afterward, the dog's owner appeared. McAfee said the man grabbed the dog, put it in his car and drove away.

"He should have stayed," McAfee said. "He should have stayed and seen how that baby was, but to me he was a coward, 'cause he left."

Police stayed on the scene, but the driver and the dog had not been found by midnight Wednesday.