The mystery object - believed to be a meteor - tore through the skies above Plymouth

Ben Landricombe was walking to work in Plymouth early this morning when he caught glimpse of the "shooting star".

The council worker then raced back to his house to grab his camera before the rare sight disappeared from the red-hued Devon sky.

Ben, 36, said: "I've never seen anything like it in my life.

"I was driving to work, then I saw a big spark in the sky. I thought I better get my camera.

"I missed the meteor coming through the atmosphere, but I saw the sparks coming down, travelling really fast."

The moment was captured on camera in Plymouth, Devon
Ben says he drove to a local high spot to get his pictures shortly after 6am as the sun still sat below the horizon.

The keen photographer put the pictures on Facebook where they have been shared hundreds of times.

He added: "I showed everyone the pictures and they all said 'Wow!'"I was late to work, but I think my boss was alright.

"I showed everyone the pictures and they all said 'Wow!'".

The 'meteor' was seen in the early hours of Tuesday morning