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In the past few days, the relationship between the Netherlands and Turkey has turned sour due to a decision made by the Dutch government to deny the campaigning visit of two Turkish ministers.
One of the three major general elections taking place in western European countries this year occurred last week: in an apparent respite for liberal elites still reeling from Trump's success, Geert Wilders' party did not win a majority of seats, and so is unlikely to go into government. This week on Behind the Headlines, we're discussing these results, as well as the ongoing all-out war of words between the Dutch and Turkish leaderships.

With the next major European election taking place in France next month, things are heating up there too, with a school shooting and an apparent foiled terror attack occurring on the anniversary of the 2012 Toulouse shootings (which preceded the last French general election). From crisis in Europe to crisis in Trumpland, we're also checking in on developments stateside.

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