vault 7 year zero
WikiLeaks has released a major trove of CIA docs revealing their hacking methods and capacities. Shocking to some, no big surprise to others. Among the highlights: the CIA has the ability to hack a range of household devices without you knowing, and evading even encrypted communications. Your phone, your TV, your car, your toaster. (Well, maybe not your toaster.) But not to worry. The docs reveal a hyper focus on spying on other elites (with the aim of gaining an edge over them) - countering terrorism, not so much. Infection and surveillance of the masses is merely collateral damage on the way to acquiring, monitoring and defeating targeted competitors.

Of more immediate concern for users than whether or not Big Brother is watching is that scammers are taking advantage of the 'cyber Mad Max' reality the CIA et al have created to profit from it. Through incompetence and the open-source nature of information, the CIA apparently lost control over their entire arsenal of cyberweapons. Now they're out there for who knows who to exploit.

Today on Behind the Headlines we'll see what all the fuss is about.

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