posessed students

Snapshot of children in Ginger Ridge, St Elizabeth, who are said to be possessed by demons.
A St Elizabeth woman is convinced that demons have possessed her daughter and several other students who attend the Ginger Hill All-Age School because some nearby graves were recently disturbed to make additions to the school.

A frustrated Audrey Smith is calling on the authorities to intervene swiftly and offer assistance to her 11-year-old daughter, as well as other students who are affected.

"I know that it is demon in my child because I go to church and I plea for demons out of people. I am not a fool," Audrey Smith, the 47-year-old mother told The Weekend Star.

A video footage of the alleged possession has been making the rounds on social media, showing two children kicking and screaming uncontrollably while adults try to command the demon out of her.

Students fainting

Smith said the attacks started earlier this month with her daughter and some other students fainting several times while at school. She said that she sought medical assistance for her daughter but its clear that the problem at Ginger Hill All-Age is not for physicians.

The view that demons are responsible for the strange behaviour of at least seven children gained strength on Wednesday when the children's behaviour became even more erratic at the school. Smith said a teacher asked her to accompany her daughter to school because of the unusual episodes.

"I was in the grade six class when I only see when me daughter pass out and start kick. Mi affi get people fi hold her. Other children start kick up same time, about seven of them. The teacher them ketch inna spirit. Them not even come inna the class because them fraid," Smith shared.

She added that when a teacher questioned one of the allegedly possessed children, he said he felt someone holding his neck. Smith theorises that the attacks stem from some recently disturbed graves.

"I hear that a little part of the school what them put on the other day, them lick down the grave and build part of the school pon it. When they were digging up the place them see bone so mi no know if a the dead them that was there get confused," Smith said.

The worried mother said she will continue praying for her daughter and others affected, noting that the children have Grade Six Achievement Test in just over a month, and it is important for the Education Ministry to help find a quick resolution.