Dog attack
A Zaka woman died after she was allegedly bitten on the buttocks by a dog owned by a pastor she had visited for prayers.

Reporters were told that the woman, Agnes Chitendeva, died on the spot before she received any treatment.

Last week Saturday, Chitendeva who was fasting left home going to her pastor's home for prayers and to end the fast.

Upon arrival at the pastor's gate the dog immediately attacked her and no one came to her rescue.

Confirming the incident, Chief Ndanga whose jurisdiction the area falls under said one of the villagers who was the first to arrive at the scene of Chitendeva's attack heard the now deceased screaming but thought it was children who were playing in the nearby maize field.

When she later rushed to the scene after the screaming went on a bit too long she found the woman lying injured on the ground.

Chief Ndanga said before Chitendeva breathed her last she complained of a burning pain on her buttocks.

"To everyone's surprise the dog did not appear to be aggressive and currently it is being kept by its owner. The problem is that the body was never taken for post-mortem to ascertain the actual cause of death," said Chief Ndanga.

Local leaders are still contemplating action against the pastor. Dog related deaths are very rare among adults in Zimbabwe though attacks are very common.