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In this day and age the media itself has become a hot story. Back when reddit and 4chan investigators started digging into the leaked Podesta emails, they found something a little odd. Strange references to pizza, ping pong, and a little place in Northwest DC called Comet Ping Pong. Investigators then started browsing Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis's Instagram profile and found some rather disturbing images along with comments that seemed suggestive of a connection to pedophilia.

Shortly thereafter, the Washington Post broke a huge story with the headline: "Russian propaganda effort helped spread 'fake news' during election, experts say" and immediately, anything the establishment didn't want to discuss became fake news. The timing here is worth noting: it was only after PizzaGate was gaining traction on the internet, connecting high-ranking democratic officials to pedophilia with their own words and their own pictures that the media started screaming fake news.

In an ironic twist, mainstream media outlets themselves then became the greatest purveyors of factually inaccurate news (Russia hacked the elections, Russia hacked a Vermont Electric Grid and Russia has blackmail material on Trump for a few examples) and in a stunning reversal, people all over the world began applying the term to outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN - the enshrined media mega-mouths with decades of history bringing news to Americans.

Clearly, they didn't see that coming. The Washington Post then decided it was time to 'retire' the term fake news, because heck, if the weapon you invented is working against you, you should try to get rid of it, and fast! But that hasn't seemed to work either. Once Pandora's box is opened, there's no closing it back up.

This brings me to the latest analysis of Pizzagate. Ben Swann, known for his hard-hitting, fact-full Reality Check segments on CBS and online did a piece in which he examined the evidence and discussed it as openly as he could on TV. I'll embed it here in case you haven't seen it yet:

The response from the 'liberal' media was to go absolutely bonkers. We'll start with the Washington Post, since their reputation as a CIA-sponsored outlet of propaganda is well-established. Erik Wemple's piece, "CBS affiliate's 'big question': Why no law enforcement investigation of 'Pizzagate' allegations?", has a seemingly innocuous title, but when we dig into the meat we find some pretty rotten distortions. In the first three paragraphs, he compares Swann to Edgar Welch, a man who went to self-investigate Comet Pizza and see if there were kiddies locked up in the basement. He was armed, arrested and then used by the media to demonstrate 'just how crazy these pizzagate people are.'

Continuing, Wemple breaks apart Swann's analysis, and attempts to attack each bit with a vigor suggesting personal offense. The whole piece reeks of 'How DARE he?!' with its too frequent use of exclamation points and suggestion of 'innuendo transmission'. He acknowledges there are connections between PizzaGate suspects and Dennis Hastert - a convicted pedophile - but then quickly turns the page by saying, "we won't get into those details here." Of course not, if you're writing an ad hominem hit-piece to bury a story, you don't want to get into details that might make you look like a pedo-apologist.

The Daily Beast is next up, and boy did they go all out: Their piece by Ben Collins entitled "Meet Ben Swann, the Republican Pizzagate Truther Hosting Atlanta's CBS Nightly News" reeks of righteous indignation and attempts to smear Swann by digging into his history. Collins' main point is that Swann used to work for RT and therefore, is NOT to be trusted! More to the point, he's friends with Republicans (gasp!).
In his last job at Russian state-TV outfit Russia Today in 2015, he reported that "any credible evidence does not seem to exist" that Russia shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, simply that it "fit the narrative the U.S. administration was hoping for." On his own YouTube channel he said he had "major problems with the theory" that the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting and Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings were each conducted by "lone gunmen."
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© Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastMore ad hominem attacks, this time "HE'S A CONSPIRACY THEORIST!"
Not that it matters that all of Swann's views on those subjects are pretty reasonable and based on the available evidence. (In the above quote I added links to reliable sources for the interested reader).

The remainder of the Daily Beast piece is made up of several paragraphs that connect Swann to Republicans, as if the very association somehow taints him.

Another hit-piece was penned by Bryan Menegus at Gizmodo, who comes out swinging with the title "CBS Imbecile Just Fanned the Pizzagate Flames for No Reason". Menegus opted for the Russia-bashing approach, claiming that "Russia played us" and "Trump's America will most certainly be wrought with doom" and then again connects Swann to Edgar Welch, insinuating that Swann's reports are to blame for the actions of other people.

Menegus' article is full of sarcasm where he answers his own questions as if he's an authority on the matter, all the while conveniently ignoring the facts that spawned the pizzagate story. The only fact that is actually discussed in any of these hit pieces is the fact that Besta Pizza, another pizza place close to Comet Ping Pong had used a known symbol for 'boy love' in their official company logo. Of course that's dismissed as pure coincidence, but look at the symbols yourself:
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Not only was the symbol damn-near identical, Besta's legal registered agent, Andrew Kline, was a special prosecutor involved in investigating and training others on how to investigate human trafficking. With credentials like that, that's a fairly big coincidence.
Special Litigation Counsel Andrew Kline, a Clinton appointee with an M.A. in human rights from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, was one of four attorneys in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the Department of Justice, in the Civil Rights Division. It fell upon the curly-haired, bespectacled Kline (now a senior adviser in the executive office of the president) and one other colleague to provide U.S. attorneys nationwide with training on prosecuting trafficking cases.
Let's be real, a 'high-level' human trafficking ring specializing in child sex slaves would place their people in positions of authority in order to head off or control any investigations. Obviously they wouldn't run a sex ring out of a public place like Comet Ping Ping. Assuming that these folks are well connected (and they seem to be), they'd have folks in the media as well to run damage control. Heck, with all the libtards just chomping at the bit to chime in and regurgitate the party line, they wouldn't even have to have that many. But I digress.

So how about we take a look for ourselves at some of this pizzagate evidence? I'm a big fan of letting the reader decide for themselves, contrary to folks like Bryan Menegus, Ben Collins, and Erik Wemple who prefer to tell everyone what to think.

To start, fellow Sott.net Editor Harrison Koehli took a look at PizzaGate back when the story first broke and concluded - much like Swann - there is no smoking gun. His piece, Progressive liberal values: Tony Podesta's creepy taste in art, the creepy people he hangs out with, and Pizzagate has a lot of interesting pictures which clearly show the Podestas have a rather creepy taste in art, to say the least. One seems to be a homage to Jeffrey Dahmer (probably unintentional on the part of the artist, Louise Bourgeois).
Dahmer Podesta
Left, Tony Podesta with his 'art' / Right - Photograph of one of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims
While the posing is not exact, one can't help but notice the similarity. Further, the look of relative glee on Tony's face as he poses with this piece speaks volumes, to me at least. He also has pictures from Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic, who seems to be interested in painting scantily clad children with faces that suggest they've suffered the horror of abuse.

Here's one example, I hesitate to post more:

Biljana Djurdjevic
Next up, consider Alefantis's Instagram images that everyone is making such a fuss about. Since the story broke, Alefantis made his Instagram private, but not before a lot of the images were recorded by netizens in archives all over the web. I'll present a few of them here.

James Alefantis Instagram
James Alefantis Instagram
James Alefantis Instagram
James Alefantis Instagram
The above image shows how disturbing the whole PizzaGate "investigation" is. The man's shirt says "I love L'Enfant", which is almost too good to be true for anyone seeing pedophiles around every corner. But they ignore the fact that L'Enfant is the name of the Cafe at which the above photograph was taken. Where some see basic PR, others see irrefutable innuendo, like those who breathlessly point out how James Alefantis resembles the French for "I love children", ignoring the fact that it's his real name.

James Alefantis Instagram
James Alefantis Instagram
The above images seem innocuous, but others have a strange vibe about them as Ben Swann discussed in his Reality Check. Look at that last one and read the comments.

One thing Swann did not discuss was that Alefantis's own instagram avatar is a reference to pederasty. Interpret that how you will.

comet ping pong instagram
© MsSummerCamp/InstagramA halloween 'performance' at Comet
When you consider some of the groups that perform at Comet on a regular basis, and the overt sexuality they use in their music and express online on their social media, it raises the question of whether or not these people should be sharing space with children.

In his report, Swann also mentioned 'Heavy Breathing' and 'Sex Stains' as two bands that perform at Comet.

In this music video from the band 'Heavy Breathing' we get a lot of bizarre imagery and general nonsense, but the word pedophile pops up during two characters' interaction, where one asks the other if they're a pedophile. OK, no big deal, right?

Another net sleuth found this video where 'Heavy Breathing' is performing (whether it's actually at Comet or not is not known). But here the performer, 'Majestic Ape', jokes about pedophilia after someone in the audience randomly chimes in about Jared Fogle liking little boys. "We all have our preferences," she states.

The narrator then mentions that pedophiles have occasionally defended their behavior as if it was a legitimate sexual preference. In fact, there are organizations all over the world that do just that.

The other band mentioned by Swann was 'Sex Stains', and here's the video that he referenced in his report:

Granted, I found it difficult to sit through in its entirety, but again we see the triangle spiral symbol and adults dressed and behaving like children. The band has put up a disclaimer on the video which reads in part:
There was absolutely NO PLOT to purposefully use offensive symbols or to mess with peoples heads. There was/is ZERO interest in anything having to do with children. No one in the band had any knowledge of the triangle/spirals horrid symbolism. We're shocked & disgusted by the theory that we are somehow linked to Pedophelia rings or Satanic cults, and also by the hateful comments & accusations we've been receiving. WE ARE NOT pedophiles and do NOT support or promote it. Period. Again, we are just a punk rock band.
Joshua Ryan Vogelsong was a DJ and a bartender at Comet Pizza, and his instagram account is full of pizza-based sexually explicit images. Again, he's working at a place that's billed as family friendly and yet he uses that association to promote extremely base and graphic images.

I'm not claiming all of these people are pedophiles, nor am I claiming that Comet Pizza is a pedophile hangout. What I want to do is demonstrate that people have a right to ask questions, especially when the safety of children is concerned. We have a right to be informed. There's a lot of smoke here, and generally where there's smoke there's fire. This is why I applaud Swann for raising the issue and asking these questions. At this point, I think we can call ignore the sycophants in the neoliberal media. Their only job is to act as a gatekeeper for 'special interests' and woe unto all who dare challenge their monopoly on the truth.

That seems to be the big problem here. The establishment media absolutely refuses to let us think for ourselves. They insist on controlling the narrative about virtually everything and are likely getting paid by the CIA to do it. Heck, as far back as 1975 representatives of the agency admitted in a public hearing by the House Intelligence Committee that the agency actively uses disinformation against the public.

A little over a month ago, Obama signed the "Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act" which basically allows for tax payers money to be spent generating more neoliberal propaganda in order to combat people seeking the truth via alternative outlets or foreign media companies like RT. That's US tax dollars spent on generating propaganda because the psychopathic Deep State currently running the country from behind the curtain is afraid of independent outlets analyzing events like PizzaGate and exposing just how sick and twisted they are.

The people know and they appreciate Swann's work. If you go to his YouTube video and scroll through the comments, it seems that the people have spoken and are demanding further investigation.