Reventador volcano in Ecuador
© Hosteria Reventador
High numbers of explosions (29) at Reventador volcano in Ecuador.
This time, strong eruptions and changing alert levels for Bogoslof (USA), Bezymianny (Russia), Reventador (Ecuador) and Nyamuragira (Congo).


The level of seismic activity at Bogoslof volcano increased abruptly at about 20:23 (11:23 AKST) and persisted at a high level until about 20:29 UTC (11:29 AKST). Another strong abrupt increase in seismicity began at about 21:35 UTC (12:35 AKST).

Both events have been observed by pilots. The first event at 20:23 UTC produced an eruption cloud to 18,000 ft asl. The estimated height of the second event from 21:35 UTC was 14,500 ft asl.

Neither eruption cloud has been visible yet in subsequent satellite data. The altitude of the meteorological cloud deck is variable from about 10,000 ft to 12,000 ft.

It remains possible for additional ash-producing eruptions to occur at any time with limited precursory unrest and little warning. AVO is monitoring the volcano closely and will provide additional information if and when it becomes available.


KVERT reported strong gas-and-steam emissions at Bezymianny during 31 December 2016-6 January 2017 and a daily thermal anomaly over the volcano. The Aviation Color Code remained at Orange.

Strong gas-steam activity of the volcano continues. Satellite data by KVERT showed a thermal anomaly over the volcano.

Ongoing activity could affect low-flying aircraft.


The volcano maintains its high activity. In the afternoon yesterday, we could see an emission, mainly of steam, with a low ash content, about 2000 meters above the crater, directed towards the Northeast.

Since 11:00 yesterday until 11:00 am (TL) today, 3 episodes of tremor (TRE), two episodes of tremor harmonic (EMR), 35 events long period (LP) and 29 explosions (EXP) were registered.

There were no rains or lahars.


Observations done by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department show that the Lopevi volcanic activity has changed and its Alert Level has been increased to Level 3.

The Lopevi volcanic activity is in minor eruption stage. At this Alert Level, the volcanic activity could increase or decrease at any time. The area of risk is around the Lopevi Island. Volcanic gas and ashes can also affect surrounding islands that are exposed to trade winds.


A strong thermal signal is observed at Nyamuragira, which could indicate volcanic activity. A new lava lake or lava flows over the summit caldera.

The Nyamuragira is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is one of the Virunga volcanoes. The volcano Nyiragongo, has an active lava lake for years.

Volcanoes are exploding all over the world!