In the month of December 2016 Staat van Beleg could list 726 human rights violations (and 186 reports/analyses). The highest number we could document so far since the start of Staat van Beleg in July 2015.

2016 In Numbers

2016 was another difficult year for the Palestinian people. We could document almost 7000 violations (about 18 abuses every single day!) on the Palestinian people, their land and their properties by Israel. About 150 Palestinians have been killed last year, ranging from a baby of several months old to a man of 85 years old.

We will show you the numbers through some graphics below.
Violations by category
© Staat Van Beleg

Causes of death
© Staat Van Beleg
Victims age
© Staat Van Beleg
Violations per month
© Statt Van Beleg
We would like to thank you all for taking notice and for following us. We wish you a happy 2017 and let's hope this year will bring the Palestinian people closer to a solution for the cruel and ongoing Israeli occupation.

By spreading awareness, documenting violations and by sharing news we can give the Palestinian people our support.