bolide over South America

Immagine della meteora mentre si disintegra, vista martedì sera in vari paesi del l'America Centrale.
Reports on Elnuevodiario (translated by google) confirm sightings of a meteor fireball disintegrating on December 27th over Guatemala, El Salvador and parts of Nicaragua. In some areas of Guatemala people indicated that they saw up to seven flashes in the sky.

Videos of the event, which caused astonishment among the people, were widely shared on social media.

According to Publinews, the Salvadoran Association of Astronomy ASTRO, reported on twitter: "The brilliant fireball that surprised many Salvadorans tonight was also visible from Guatemala City and Managua."

Another institution, Insivumeh stated that: "In our opinion the sighting tonight at 10:30 pm is a meteorite. It cross the sky from Guatemala South to West disintegrating."