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The outrageous conspiracy theory that Trump is a Russian government agent, spouted all summer long by supporters of the Democratic Party, received the CIA's 'official blessing' last week when The Firm 'confirmed' the absurd theory's 'truthiness'. With the US Electoral College set to meet tomorrow (Monday Dec. 19th) and cast their votes, what chance 'faithless electors' will cast votes for Clinton instead? Is a coup of sorts in motion against Trump?

Elsewhere in the information war, the Western liberal elite have announced a list of 'fact-checking social media watchdogs' - funded by arch-liberals like George Soros - who will police Facebook for 'fake news'. Number one on the list is the Washington Post, peddler of outrageous conspiracy theories about Putin rigging the US election. Are these liberals dropping their ideological mask to embrace censorship?

The news that Syrian state forces and their Russian allies have liberated Aleppo from its 4-year-long siege by al Qaeda/ISIS has been met with derision in the West, but the Syrians are relieved and that's what matters. This week on Behind the Headlines, we'll assess the situation in the West's War on Syria and see where things might go from here.

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