meteor fireball over France 17.12.16
© YouTube/OGVT - Observatoire géophysique, Val Terbi (screen capture)
On 17th December 2016 a sporadic meteor was recorded over France by the private geophysical observatory at Montsevelier, Val Terbi in Switzerland.

Sporadic meteors are usually considered as random occurrences not associated with any particular meteor shower, such as the Geminids which have been observed this month.

On December 15th the Swiss observatory also captured this meteor fireball over France.

A bright -10 magnitude Geminid bolide was recorded by the same observation station over the south of France on the 14th December 2016.

Some other meteor fireball sightings reported on this month in our 'Fire in the Sky' section include those from Colombia, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, UK, Norway and Siberia.

NASA space data supports citizens' observations that - meteor fireball activity is increasing dramatically!